Thank you all so much

We could not continue caring for local people without the generous support of people like you. We are deeply indebted to our community and supporters for all they do for us, so we can continue being there for people living with a life-limiting illness and their loved ones, now and in the future.

Meet our latest local heroes…

Co-Op Bushley
Thank you to Co-Op Bushley who raised an incredible £4,817.53 for St Clare from their fundraising activities.
A giant cheque is given to St Clare
Jean Roberts and Tricia Woodley Jean & Dave Roberts and Tricia Woodley
Thank you to Jean & Dave Roberts and Tricia Woodley who raised a super £375.00 for St Clare by holding a raffle held at Canon’s Brook Golf Club on Sunday 18th December.
St Andrews Primary
Thank you to St Andrews Primary who raised an outstanding £818.96 for St Clare by hosting a Big Breakfast at their school – serving croissants, pastry and toasts to visiting parents and pupils – as well as holding collections at their Christmas plays and a Christmas Jumper Day. Special thank you to Erva, Chloe and Jess whose idea it was to arrange the whole thing!
St Andrews Primary present a cheque
Tristan Frampton Tristan Frampton
Thank you to Tristan Frampton who raised an amazing £7,848.15 for St Clare by using his 50th Birthday party to raise money for St Clare.
St Mary’s Church
Thank you to St Mary’s Church who raised an incredible £2,300.00 for St Clare by holding a Neil Diamond tribute band night on the first of September.
A church
Thank you Thornwood Seniors Association
Thank you to Thornwood Seniors Association who raised an excellent £150.67 for St Clare by hold a talk which at which they allowed St Clare to hold a raffle.

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