Corporate Partnerships

The long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships we build with our local business community are invaluable, helping us raise thousands of pounds every year so we can continually improve our services supporting local families.
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£50 Challenge

Help us invest in the compassionate care and support we provide to local people facing a life-limiting diagnosis by taking...

St Clare Hospice Business Club

A partnership between a business and a charity is a strategic and mutually beneficial alliance....

SME Partnerships

Hand in hand with our local businesses....

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor a St Clare event and reap the benefits of a ready made marketing opportunity with a willing audience, all...

Charity of the Year

Nominating St Clare as your company’s Charity of the Year is a great way to show your long-term commitment to...

Gifts in kind

We understand that staff fundraising events or corporate partnerships are not right for every business, so corporate donations and gifts...

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a very simple, tax effective way of donating to St Clare and the most efficient way of...