St Clare Hospice Business Club

A partnership between a business and a charity is a strategic and mutually beneficial alliance.
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The business club is an initiative from St Clare Hospice in response to a national movement of businesses away from philanthropy and non-strategic donations. It is designed to bring vital annual funding for St Clare while also helping businesses to succeed over a sustainable period of time through dedicated partnership management.

Essentially, this partnership proposition puts businesses at the forefront of a significant local community need, which forms part of a national movement. There are three streams that offer a variety of benefits; Platinum, Gold and Silver.

To find out more benefits of the St Clare Hospice Business Club, download our helpful research.

Business Benefits Platinum Gold Silver
£15k per year £10k per year £5k per year
Account management level support to work with your business on desired activity × ×
CR consultancy & support with budgeting ×
‘Partner of St Clare Hospice’ logo for your website and promotional material ×
‘Supporter of St Clare Hospice’ logo for your website and promotional material × ×
Your logo on the St Clare Hospice website and impact report ×
Your business name on the St Clare Hospice website and impact report
Free places for staff in St Clare Hospice challenge events ✓5 ✓3 ×
Volunteering opportunities for staff
Networking opportunities at the Hospice
Potential for national press during national and international awareness raising campaigns
Regular local press opportunities ×
Advertising opportunities in St Clare Hospice’s 8 shops × ×
Tailored advertising opportunity inside the Hospice itself
Advertising opportunities inside the newsletter which reaches over 8,000 people × ×
Opportunities to involve clients in partnership
Educational opportunities for staff relating to local issues and the Hospice movement × ×
Priority invitations to St Clare Hospice events × ×
First to see sponsorship opportunities
Opportunities to run events and seminars alongside St Clare Hospice ×
Potential for entry to partnership awards × ×
Discounted services with local businesses

Amy JacobsFor more information about the St Clare Hospice Business Club contact St Clare Corporate Partnerships Manager Amy Jacobs 
by email at or by phone on 01279 773758

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