A passion to provide the best specialist palliative care to improve the lives of those affected by terminal or life limiting illnesses lies at the heart of all that we do.
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Aboutus-trustees-Patrick Foster“The past twelve months have provided even more opportunities to work collaboratively with our colleagues in the health and social care sectors, and to strengthen our clinical services – enabling us to provide individualised care for even more patients and families. We firmly believe that our care should be tailored to each patient’s personal wishes, and being able to give patients the choice of where they are cared for – either in the Hospice itself or in their own home – is an honour.”

– Patrick Foster, Chairman of Trustees

Our key achievements

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  • We know the majority of people would prefer to be cared for at home, so we are delighted that our Community Service has expanded with care being delivered over 7 days a week, with Hospice at Home operating 24 hours per day.
  • It has been an exciting year for the development of the Hospice site. Our new building, the Taylor Centre was completed providing administration and meeting space for our support services, freeing up much needed space in the main Hospice building for our expanding clinical teams.
  • Our Communications team have worked well in spreading the word about the excellent care St Clare provides. Our new brand and logo was developed and was used to help launch St Clare into its next era of service and organisational development.
  • The Inpatient Unit has continued to provide high quality specialist palliative care to every patient and family who come to us for support. This year our bed occupancy was 85%, and our multidisciplinary team continue to provide ever more complex care to respond to our patients and family’ needs.
  • We value the unique contribution of our staff and volunteers and so providing them with opportunities for training and development is key for St Clare. We have developed a range of educational opportunities for our staff and the new dedicated training suite in the main Hospice building will ensure there is an open culture of skills and knowledge sharing across the organisation.
  • Our care extends to the close family and friends of the people we look after, so the growth of our Bereavement Service has been crucial. Our Patient & Family Support Team of counsellors, social workers and specialist volunteers has grown considerably in the past year with more patients and loved ones being given tailored emotional support at the Hospice or within their own home.

Our care at a glance…

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  • The average length of stay for those admitted to our Inpatient Unit was 9 days.
  • One in three in-patients returned home or to another care setting.
  • Out average bed occupancy was 85% – compared to the national median of 78%.
  • We cared for 219 new patients in our Inpatient Unit.
  • To help promote individualised care the team have introduced 1-page profiles to facilitate quality patient care which is unique to each person’s needs.
  • More than half of those attending Day Therapy at the Hospice had a diagnosis other than cancer, such as heart failure and circulatory and/or respiratory illnesses.
  • 15% of people receiving Inpatient care had a non-cancer diagnosis, ranging from Motor Neurone Disease to Dementia.
  • We cared for people with conditions including Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s, Dementia, respiratory disease and renal failure.
  • Our Complementary Therapists provided 645 treatments, offering Reiki, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and visualisation.
  • Our Occupational Therapists carried out 115 patient assessments, made more than 290 phone calls and made 227 visits to patients at home.
  • Our Physiotherapy team carried out more than 180 patient assessments, made more than 320 phone calls and more than 230 visits to patients at home.

A St Clare Community Friend

  • Our community team saw 559 new patients, with almost 1,000 referrals made to the service.
  • Our Clinical Nurse Specialists made more than 2,600 face to face visits and more than 7,800 supportive phone calls.
  • More than 450 families were supported by our Hospice at Home team.
  • More than 90% of patients cared for by our Hospice at Home team that died, died at home.
  • All patient referrals made to our community service were dealt with by the team within 2 working hours.
  • More than 110 people were supported by our bereavement support and counselling service.
  • Our bereavement service conducted 601 face to face counselling sessions.
  • Our volunteer Community Friends made over 75 visits to patients and families in their own homes.
  • Our Patient and Family Support team provided practical and emotional support to over 330 patients and their families.

Want to understand more?

Marilyn and husband at home“I thought I was going to St Clare to die; I was so weak. I thought that was the end of my journey. But, the way St Clare cares for people is an eye-opener. Right from the start, the staff and volunteers gave me so much encouragement in so many ways. St Clare literally gave me back my life, my sense of self and my independence.”

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Family sitting round the table“St Clare is like a good mentor, very caring and skilled in many different ways. Meeting people who know what you’re going to go through, who you can speak to openly and in a straight forward way, was incredibly reassuring.”


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Man and woman smiling to camera“Jim died very peacefully with me and our three children with him, all sitting on the bed together. He was comfortable, peaceful and safe, with his family around him, just as it should be. I’m almost certain that had St Clare not been part of our journey, advising us and caring for us all, with a hug at the end of each visit, it might have been a very different experience.”

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Want to know more?

Our Impact Report gives a more detailed account of the achievements and progress made during that year, based on our Quality Account and Financial Accounts reports. You can find our publications here.

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