Making a referral

All health and social care professionals can make a referral. Also, patients, families and friends can seek a referral directly.
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How to get referred

For patients, families and friends

If you feel St Clare’s care services might benefit you, or someone close to you, you can seek a referral in the following ways:

  • Talk to your GP, district nurse, or your hospital team of consultants and nurses, or any other clinician who is helping you.
  • Call us directly on our 24 Hour Advice Line
  • If you are already a St Clare Hospice patient, talk to one of our care team if you are interested in one of our other services.

How to make a referral

For health and social care professionals

All health and social care professionals can make a referral.

When the patient is already an inpatient elsewhere we will liaise with the hospital palliative care team.

Referrals for all St Clare services can be made by completing our referral form below.

PDF format: St Clare Referral Form 2015          Word format: St Clare Referral Form 2015

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we ask that from the 1st April 2020, ALL referrals for Hospice care and referrals for end of life care are sent via Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT) Single Point of Access (SPA).

The SPA will liaise with all Providers to support each referral.  Referrals can be emailed to or 0300 123 5433.

The SPA operates from 08.00 – 21.00hrs

The Hospice will continue to review with EPUT and West Essex CCG in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your support.

Referral criteria

We care for people with many different types of progressive illnesses such as cancer, heart, lung and kidney diseases and also neurological conditions such as motor neurone disease and end stage dementia. It’s the needs of our patients that matter to us rather than the diagnosis.

Our care is offered completely free of charge.

  • The patient is aged over 18 and is registered with a GP in West Essex (all St Clare services) or the East Hertfordshire border (Inpatient, Day Therapy, Outpatients services and Bereavement and Family Support only).
  • The patient has a progressive disease that cannot be cured, or the patient does not want treatment and they are competent to make that decision. Any life-limiting disease is appropriate for our services including non-cancer conditions.
  • Complex problems including symptom control, emotional, psychological, social or spiritual issues that are important to the patient.
  • The patient is entering the final end of life phase.
  • Assessments suggest that care of the patient would be best managed through palliative care in the community, through our day services or as an inpatient at our Hospice.
  • The patient must have consented to their referral, if they are competent to do so.

If you have any queries or would like more information about our referral criteria, please do contact us.

See our catchment area for more details.

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