Day Therapy Services

Day Therapy at St Clare Hospice cares for patients and families in a wide range of ways to enhance quality of life, promote independence and build self confidence.
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Day Therapy Groups

We take a truly holistic, rehabilitative approach to understanding the individual needs of patients, their family, carers and friends. ...

Drop-in Groups

Our drop-in groups are less formal than our Day Therapy Groups. They are designed to give you the opportunity to...

Complementary Therapy

Our complementary therapy service aims to help reduce tension, provide comfort and relief from symptoms. We also offer this...


Rehabilitation aims to improve, or limit the loss of, your ability to do every day activities....


Outpatient appointments can be made with any of our specialist care team and tailored to your individual needs. ...

See the Hospice

At St Clare we know that even the idea of a Hospice can be a daunting thought. Take a look...

Your Stories

Changing people's perceptions is one of the biggest challenges we face in raising awareness of the help we can provide...