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We believe that by talking to children about death and dying, we can help to demystify fear and anxiety around death for generations to come.
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Talking to kids about death

Death is very much a part of life, yet instead of feeling empowered and confident to talk about it, we often tend to regard it as a taboo, perhaps because the idea of it may be unthinkable.  Death though, is something that we all encounter throughout our lives and eventually, it happens to all of us.

For those of us who have children in our lives, there will come a time when they will begin to share and express their natural curiosities about what death and dying is and what it means.  We may have been through the same thing when we were younger.

Children deserve honest answers about death and dying, but we as adults can feel worried about saying the wrong things.  We may fear that our children could feel unhappy or scared about what they hear us say.  Unconsciously, we may also want to protect ourselves against what might be our own intolerable feelings in relation to witnessing our children’s expression of their emotions.  However, by talking about it we can support our children by answering their questions, thus helping them to ‘make sense’ of their concerns.

Our aim is to offer support to adults to feel more comfortable to approach the subject of death and dying and engage in meaningful conversations with children and family.

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As a hospice, we believe that the better we’re able to discuss the subject of death as being a natural part of life, the less scary it can become.

Some of our staff chose to talk to their own kids about death. Here’s how it went…!


A Guide: How to talk to children about death and dying

This is a guide designed to offer support to adults to help them feel more comfortable to approach the subject of death and dying and engage in meaningful conversations with their children.

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Infographic: How to talk to kids about death and dying

This infographic provides bitesize information about having a conversation about death with kids and is designed to provide useful pointers for parents and guardians.


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