A visitor’s guide

We hope you will find the Hospice a pleasant and relaxed place. We welcome visitors at any time.
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What are the visiting hours?

We have an open visiting policy. However, patients may feel tired at times and may wish to discuss with their family the times they prefer not to have visitors.

Our reception is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. On arrival, we ask all visitors to report to reception. You will be asked to kindly wait whilst our volunteer receptionists check with the staff that it is a convenient time for visitors to enter the Inpatient Unit, both for your relative/friend and considering others. Staff will then show you to the room of the person you are visiting.

Outside of reception hours, the front door is locked, so visitors need to press the intercom by the entrance and one of our nurses will unlock the door. Please bear with us if there is a delay in answering; it is likely that our nurses are busy with patients and unable to come to the door straight away. By calling beforehand, the Inpatient team will know to expect you.

A visitor laughing with a St Clare patient

Is there a limit to the number of visitors for a patient?

We do not limit the number of visitors seeing a patient, but we ask that visitors are considerate to the patient they are visiting and other patients in the unit.

Can visitors stay at night?

Yes, we will always do our best to accommodate close family and friends who wish to stay overnight.

Can young children visit?

Yes, we welcome babies and children, though we ask that they are with an adult at all times for their safety and consideration of others.

Can pets visit?

Yes, pets are always welcome to visit. We respectfully ask that they are supervised at all times.

Is there any help with transport?

It may be possible to arrange transport for relatives who find it difficult to get to St Clare Hospice. This is provided by our volunteer drivers and is subject to availability.

Front cover of leafletWelcome to St Clare: A visitor’s guide

If you are visiting us for the first time, we hope you will find the information in this leaflet useful. It has been put together by people who remember their first visit and now want to help you.

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