Hospice at Home

For people who would prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home or their usual place of residence, our Hospice at Home service, working closely with your GP and District Nurse, makes this possible.
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St Clare Hospice at Home provides hands-on, palliative care during times of crises when rapid support is needed, or in the last few weeks of life.

Care is provided by our nursing assistants, who will support you with all aspects of personal and social care, such as washing and dressing, as well as providing essential emotional support to you and your loved ones.

Our care is for carers and family as well, giving them time for themselves, enabling them to go out for a while without worrying, and allowing them to be the wife, the husband, the sister, the brother, the friend that they are, once again.

In times of crises, the service helps to avoid any clinically unnecessary or unwanted and, for you and your family, potentially distressing admission to hospital. Also, it helps you to return home from hospital more quickly by providing transition support when you are ready to be discharged, but the necessary care is not yet in place.

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Find out more about the comprehensive community service St Clare provides for people in their own homes as well as nursing and residential homes, and community hospitals.

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The Hospice at Home team

The team is made up of a Hospice at Home manager, team leaders, and nursing assistants, trained in palliative care. The nursing assistants carry out most of the daily personal care.

For our team of Hospice at Home nursing assistants, there is no such thing as a typical day. For an insight into a typical shift read our blog post A Day in the Life: Hospice at Home nursing assistant.

The Hospice at Home team leader will visit to carry out an initial assessment and will remain in contact to regularly reassess your needs and the needs of your carers and family. They work closely with other professionals from the Hospice, hospital and the community. The team also has administrative support.

Care is usually provided for an average of five days, but this will depend on your circumstances and the holistic assessment we undertake with you. The provision of care will be discussed at all times with you and your family.

The Hospice at Home Team arriving at someones house

Hospice at Home Night Service

For people who need extra support at night, we can provide a nursing assistant to give specialist hands-on palliative care through the night. Again, the Hospice at Home team leader will carry out holistic assessments to ensure all of your needs are being addressed and met.  Referrals are assessed and prioritised on a daily basis.

When is the Hospice at Home service available?

7am to 10pm (day service) and 10pm to 7am (night service), 7 days a week all year round, including Bank Holidays.

What are the referral criteria?

See Access our services for information about how to access our services, our catchment area, referral criteria and the referral form.

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