Katherine’s Legacy

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A mother’s note to you this Spring…

This Spring, the mother of a very special patient here at St Clare wanted to do something incredible in memory of her daughter Katherine, who died in our care back in December 2018. Diana’s bravery in sharing her story will enable us to raise thousands of pounds in vital funding to go towards our care and support for other families like the Lees.

My name is Diana Lee and I am writing to ask if you are able to make a donation to support the vital work of St Clare Hospice. This local charity provides care and support for patients with life-limiting illnesses, and their families, throughout West Essex and the East Hertfordshire border.”

“I know first-hand how vital this work is because of the incredible support St Clare Hospice offered my daughter, Katherine, from her diagnosis of terminal heart disease in December 2016 up until her death in December 2018, aged just 40.”

“Katherine first came into contact with St Clare after her condition developed as a result of her radiotherapy treatment for childhood cancer. She received medical advice from St Clare’s Clinical Nurse Specialists, practical support from their social workers and outpatient support from their Day Therapy team, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists and complementary therapists. This range of specialist care helped Katherine to manage the pain resulting from her condition so that she could continue to live her life to the full.”

“I know that every year it costs over £4million for St Clare Hospice to pay for all of its services. As an independent charity, they need to continuously raise vital funds for patients and their loved ones, now and into the future. That is why they are so grateful for the generous support of people like you in our local community. They would be so thankful if you were able to make a donation today, by clicking on the link below.”​​​​​

Any donation you can give will make a real difference to the work of St Clare Hospice.

  • £31 could pay for a one hour visit from a clinical nurse specialist to provide advice and support to people in the comfort of their own home
  • £44 could pay for a special celebration dinner for a family of four in the Inpatient Unit
  • £98 could pay for a 90 minute home visit by two Hospice at Home nursing assistants to provide personal care and emotional support for patients and families

“I hope you feel able to help support this wonderful charity that made such a positive difference to Katherine’s wellbeing at the end of her life.”

“With grateful thanks,”



Diana Lee

Read Katherine’s story

Late last year (2018), we had the pleasure of meeting Katherine and talking to her about her experience with St Clare…

“As a teenager I developed cancer and was treated with radiotherapy. Further relapses were treated with chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I was declared in full remission in January 2002.”

“It wasn’t until years later that we realised I had other issues and eventually I was diagnosed with heart failure when I was in my thirties.”

“I first came into contact with St Clare’s back in 2016. In August of that year I had undergone open heart surgery at Bart’s hospital. My heart condition had developed because the radiotherapy I had undergone as a teenager had affected a lot of my organs…”

Read Katherine’s full story, here