Pay for a Day

Every day is a special day in the lives of the patients and families who look to St Clare for clinical, emotional and practical support 365 days a year.
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To provide all of our clinical services for one day costs £8,500. Pay for a Day is your opportunity to provide 24 hours of care, support and therapy for local people and their loved ones.

You can choose any day of the year to sponsor that may be special or significant to you. It may be a birthday or anniversary, or you may choose to dedicate a day in memory of someone special. Alternatively, if you are a business, club or organisation, you may wish to mark a meaningful day to your members or staff. Whatever the reason, paying for a day of care is a very special gift.

You can give your support as a donation or as the result of fundraising events. There is no limit to the number of days you can pay for and you can be sure your touching and heartfelt donation will enrich the precious moments people spend here at the Hospice.

We want you to value your day and there are a number of ways we can recognise this very special support.

Personalised certificate

We will produce a personalised certificate marking your support on your chosen day. This will be framed and displayed in our reception area on your day so every visitor can see the vital funding you are providing. At the end of the day, your certificate will be sent to you to keep.

Book of Days

This will be a permanent record of every day that has been paid for by our supporters. Your name will be inscribed alongside your chosen date, with the opportunity for you to add a personal message as to why St Clare Hospice is important to you.


For the duration of your chosen day we will display – if you wish – your name on the homepage of the St Clare website, and you will be given the opportunity to talk about why you have chosen to support the Hospice in this way.

A personal visit

The best way we can thank you is to invite you here so you can see for yourself just how your contribution impacts on the lives of our patients and their families. Where possible we can arrange for you to meet staff, volunteers and patients who can tell you firsthand how St Clare has changed their lives.

To find out how you can help Pay for a Day, contact our Fundraising Team by emailing

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