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Support St Clare this Leap Year

This February, we will be gaining an additional day due to the Leap Year that happens every 4 years. Therefore, we are asking for your support in raising the additional funds needed for 29th February 2020.

Every year we care for more than 1,500 people and their families, both in the Hospice itself and in people’s own homes. That care and support is happening all round the clock! Take a look at our timeline to learn more about all of the things that happen across St Clare in a typical 24 hours…

Click here to see our A day at St Clare Hospice infographic in full size!

St Clare needs to raise £8,000 every day from your local community to keep your local hospice running. Any donation you can give today will be always be appreciated.

We recently sat down with Kim, one of St Clare’s Housekeeper’s, to learn about her own personal connections with the Hospice.

“My name is Kim and I work in the Housekeeping team here at St Clare Hospice. Being a Housekeeper at St Clare means that I have the privilege of visiting each area of the Hospice every day – getting to see a snippet of all the inspiring work that happens here, and meeting many wonderful patients, and their families, along the way.

“I wanted to share with you my own story of St Clare, and to show you what a typical day at St Clare looks like, as many people don’t realise the different ways in which we help local families, until the day they need our services themselves.

“I know from personal experience just how much difference St Clare makes to people. My own Dad was cared for at St Clare and died here over 15 years ago. I have been a Housekeeper at the Hospice for 4 years now, but I have also worked as a Nursing Assistant on St Clare’s Inpatient Unit, and now I volunteer as a Compassionate Neighbour – visiting the home of a local person with a life-limiting condition in my spare time.

“St Clare really is like one big family who all work together day in, day out, to help ensure everyone has the best quality of life possible, for however long that may be.

“The infographic above shows you just how much happens in the course of 24 hours at St Clare. It helps to highlight how varied our support is – from care in our Inpatient Unit and support groups that take place at the Hospice itself, to the work our teams do out in the community, visiting people in their own homes, and supporting the whole circle of family and friends. Hopefully you will see just how much we help people and families, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – or make that 366 days in 2020!

“This is why we are asking people like you, in the local community, to help fund the 29th February 2020. 

£19 Could pay for a one-hour counselling session for a bereaved family member, friend or loved one.

£49 Could pay for a 90-minute home visit by one of our Hospice at Home Nursing Assistants.

£65 Could pay for a patient to attend a day-long Tools for Living session at the Hospice.

Any donation you can give today will go towards helping to fund your local Hospice.

Please note that if St Clare raises more than £8,000 from this appeal it will help us fund even more days during 2020.

With grateful thanks,

Kim Oliver, St Clare Housekeeping