Fundraising Resources

We've put together everything you need to make your fundraising efforts the best they can be.
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Take a look at our comprehensive challenges fundraising resources, intended to help you maximise your fundraising potential! From simple instructions on setting up your Virgin Money Giving Page (our preferred online donations portal) to guidelines for contacting the local press (to help you get as many sponsors as possible), our resources can guide you every step of the way.

If you need any further help, feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be sure to do what we can for you. If you’ve got a story about your experience with St Clare you’d like to share, or you want us to shout about your challenge let us know! Don’t forget to fill in our publicity consent form, so that we can use your experience to help the hospice for years to come.


Resources to boost your challenge fundraising

Any questions, email us:

Everything you need to get started fundraising
Instructions for setting up a Virgin Money Giving page
How to set your VMG page up the best way
A convenient way to collect sponsorship
Front cover of Boost Your Fundraising guide
Maximise your fundraising efforts with these ideas
Challenge Fundraising Poster Template
Download & edit this poster to publicise your event
Bunting Template
Decorate your fundraising events with St Clare bunting
Contacting The Press Guidelines
Amplify your fundraising voice by contacting the press
Press Release Template
Help with what to say to the press and how to say it
St Clare Gift Aid Form 2015
Make your donations go even further without costing extra

Emma BroadbentFor more information on fundraising for challenges, get in touch with our Challenge Events Fundraiser Emma Broadbent on 01279 773754 or email