The first step is always the hardest. Our self-improvement events will help you get off the couch and walking, running or cycling towards a new you.
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Do you want to get fit, but don’t know where to start? Let St Clare help you with our Self Improvement events. Whether you just want to live healthily for a month for a good cause, or get started on a more active life, do it with St Clare.

Check out our current events to get going, or see below to decide which challenge to take on next…

Treks and Walks

Family walking Stansted 10kSauntering your way through the world is a great way to improve your health. Start slowly with St Clare and build up your walking regime over time.

Once you have regularly started putting one foot in front of another, we’re sure you’ll discover what an enjoyable hobby walking can be!

We have some wonderful walks (and treks) for you to take part in. From delightful dog walks and midnight strolls, to mountain views and city to city excursions.

Browse our treks and walks

UK Treks & Walks

Overseas Treks & Walks


A picture of lots of runners from the knees downRunning is a great way to get fit that need not break the bank. All that is required is a good pair of shoes, some appropriate clothes and the perseverance to keep going.

The benefits of running are immense, and include making you happier, fitter, sharper and can even help strengthen your joints.

You don’t have to go from zero to hero either – we have loads of 5K events going on throughout the year to help you get started. When you are ready you can move onto longer distances if you like, and if you catch the running bug, maybe you can even brave an ultra ambitious ultra marathon!

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5K Runs

10K Runs

Half Marathons

Full Marathons

Ultra Marathons


st_clare_bike_ride-44Riding through the world is a wonderful way to live. The benefits of life on two wheels are wide and varied and include improved sleep, punctuality, finances, environmental impact and of course health!

If you want to get peddling, but don’t know where to begin, browse these great events St Clare has lined up. Some are at home, some are abroad, some are for beginners, some are for experienced riders.

Once you get going however, we’re sure you’ll agree that they are all for you!

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UK Cycles

Overseas Cycles

Self Improvement with St Clare

Getting started is always difficult when it’s for no reason, but throw in a commitment to a great cause and you’ll find yourself tremendously motivated!

When you take on a Challenge with St Clare, our fundraising team is there to support you. You can call or email us with questions, and we’ll make sure to help and encourage you all the way.

We make the fundraising part easy too with our Fundraising Resources pack, so you’ll not only be helping yourself, but also supporting St Clare in doing our vital work for your local community.

Today is as good a day as any – so get started with your Self Improvement Challenges today!

Emma BroadbentFor more information on our self-improvement challenges, get in touch with our Challenge Events Fundraiser Emma Broadbent on 01279 773754 or email 

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