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Can you Help your Hospice today?

St Clare has been caring for your local community for over 30 years. And in that time, amazing supporters like you, have helped us care for thousands of families in desperate need of end-of-life care and help with their grief.

There are still too many people dying on busy hospital wards, not able to get the time and attention they need. Too many people dying at home without our support and without pain relief. We need to reach more and do more.

The only way we can do that is with your help.

Just £30 could give a patient their wish of being cared for at home. Nurses like Dorothy make several home visits every day to provide care throughout your local community. Read Dorothy’s story below.

Dorothy’s Story…Dorothy

My name is Dorothy, and I am a Hospice at Home Staff Nurse here at St Clare, offering personal care and emotional support to people in the comfort of their own home.

Over the years, I have come to realise that there are still so many people in our local community that would benefit from our help, but unfortunately we are unable to reach everyone that needs us.

I joined St Clare in 2019 after being inspired by the amazing hospice care my mum, Mai, received before she died. After working as a Health Visitor for many years, I decided to change my career path, as I wanted to experience being a palliative care nurse before I retired.

When I saw how compassionate and kind the nurses were to not only my mum, but to my whole family, I knew I wanted to do that for other families going through a similar situation.

Being a nurse at St Clare gives me the opportunity to not only deliver specialist care, but to also help each family with their unique needs. I get great pleasure out of encouraging families to talk to each other and supporting them to spend precious time together. I always do everything I can to reduce stress for the family, make their life easier and fulfil their wishes.

Sadly, there are still families dealing with death, dying and loss of a loved one alone, without our help. We want to help as many people as possible and with your support, we will be able to care for more local people.

Any donation you can give today will help make sure that families get the support they need, in the place of their choice and with dignity.

£20 Could provide support for a bereaved child who would benefit from a one-hour counselling session by a specialist Child, Young People and Family Therapist.

£30 Could give a patient their wish of being cared for in the comfort of their own home with a 90-minute home visit by one of our Hospice at Home nursing assistants. 

£50 Could bring comfort to ten patients for one day by providing essential clinical supplies including medication and other vital equipment. 

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On behalf of everyone here at St Clare Hospice, I would like to thank you for Helping your Hospice – we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you.

Best wishes,

Dorothy Carter, Hospice at Home Staff Nurse