Bereavement Support Helpline

We’re here for you – just a phone call away. Our Bereavement Support Helpline offers you the opportunity to speak with a member of the team immediately.
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Call now on 01279 967670

Our Bereavement Support Helpline operates from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. The number to call is 01279 967670. It is free to call, though charges may apply in line with your standard network rate.

Anyone who has experienced the loss of someone close, whether recently or in the past, is welcome to call our Bereavement Support Helpline

It may be that you are reaching out for support in regards to a recent loss, hoping to talk things through or find out what to do in the coming days and weeks after someone close has died.

Or, you may be calling because something has happened that has brought up difficult emotions in relation or a bereavement that happened a longer time ago. Or perhaps now is the time when you feel ready to reach out.

Everyone is welcome to call our Helpline in regards to anything related to grief, loss and bereavement.

What can our Helpline offer you?

By calling our Bereavement Support Helpline, you will have access to a range of supportive services:

  • A listening ear, and emotional support from our trained St Clare staff and volunteers
  • Information and guidance on what to do after a death (things like registering a death, closing accounts, planning and funeral, and other practical arrangements and considerations)
  • Sign-posting to other St Clare services that you can access, as well as resources in your local community that could benefit you

We are continuing to develop our Bereavement Support Helpline, and welcome your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve this service. Thank you.

Many thanks to Barclays for supporting our Bereavement Support Helpline.

Have you heard about our Bereavement Café project?

Our Bereavement Café project aims to offer a space for local people to meet and connect with others who may share similar experiences.

Would you like to connect with others who understand? Please click here to find out more about our Bereavement Café project.