Supporting your wellbeing

Hospice care is all about a holistic and person-led approach to an individual’s wellbeing. In addition to our specialist medical and therapeutic services, we also offer a range of other supportive services that may be of interest to you.
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Supporting your psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Living with a terminal or life-limiting illness can be difficult to process and come to terms with; it is a different experience for everyone.

Here at St Clare, we are here to walk alongside you throughout your journey, supporting you to work through any concerns, worries, difficult feelings or experiences you may be wishing to address.

Our multidisciplinary Patient & Family Support Team of counsellors, social workers, a chaplain and local faith leaders are here to listen and support you at your own pace.

Helping you with practical arrangements

There may be practical considerations and arrangements that you wish to address upon receiving the diagnosis of a terminal or life-limiting illness, or as you approach later life and older age.

Our social workers can assist and guide you through things like welfare and financial services, housing, community services available to you, considerations for your family and children, writing a Will, planning a funeral, and more.

Connecting local people together with Compassionate Neighbours

Our Compassionate Neighbours project aims to connect local people together to aim to prevent loneliness and social isolation amongst those who are living with a life-limiting illness or frailty due to older age.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Compassionate Neighbours project could work for you, please click here.

Meeting others with Café Clare

Café Clare offers a space to meet and connect with other local people, including those who may already have an association to our hospice. Offering an opportunity to engage with the St Clare community, Café Clare is open to all who wish to connect with their local hospice. If you’d like to find out more, please click here.

Visit our Wellbeing Hub

You can find more supportive services, events and activities that may be of interest to you at our community Wellbeing Hub. If you’d like to take a look around, please click here.

Our Wellbeing Hub is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our additional supportive services that aim to address local people’s physical and mental wellbeing – in both living, and dying, well.