Make a Will: St Clare Hospice’s Will Writing Service

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Care for the ones you love, and St Clare by making a Will this June

Why making a Will is important

Your Will is the only way you can be sure your wishes will be carried out, and your loved ones protected after you die. It’s a job that many of us put off – only one third of the UK population have a Will – but Make a Will month offers you the chance to tick it off your list and get your affairs in order.

It’s especially important to Make a Will when…

  • You become a parent or grandparent
  • You are buying or selling a house
  • You are getting married, divorced or are moving in with a partner
  • Your financial situation is changing
  • You are in poor health
  • You wish to support certain charities or organisations

How St Clare can help you with your Will

Protect your loved ones by taking part in our Make a Will campaign this June, where local solicitors will waive their usual fees (often starting at around £220 for a basic Will!) in exchange for a donation to St Clare Hospice.

How to take part in Make a Will

From 1st to 30th June 2024, you can make or amend your Will – all that your chosen solicitor will ask is that you kindly make the suggested minimum donation to St Clare Hospice:

  • £150 for a Single Will
  • £200 for a Double Will
  • £85 for an amended Will

*You may incur further charges if your Will is complex.

1. Choose your solicitor and call them directly: Contact one of our participating solicitors (shown below) and quote ‘St Clare Make a Will’ to book your appointment.

2. Make a donation to St Clare Hospice: Before your appointment with your chosen solicitor, make your donation to St Clare Hospice – in lieu of the Will writer’s usual fee. Please note: You may incur further charges if your Will is complex.


3. Have your appointment: Once you’ve had your appointment, you’ll feel relief knowing you’ve organised your affairs or made amends you’ve been meaning to make for some time. Meanwhile supporting your local hospice.

Make a Will: Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question we might not have answered already? Check out our FAQs for Make a Will below.

“I’m a solicitor and would like to support Make a Will. How do I get in touch?” We’d love to hear from you! You can call our friendly Fundraising team on 01279 773750 or email to discuss how you and your colleagues can get involved with Make a Will.

When does Make a Will run? In 2024, Make a Will will run from Saturday 1st June until Sunday 30th June. 

Why should I have a Will? Wills are important to ensure that you can decide what happens to your property, money and personal possessions after you die. You never know what’s around the corner, and this is a simple step you can take to make sure your wishes are carried out and your family are looked after.

Why should I Make a Will with St Clare? By participating in Make a Will, you can make your Will with a local solicitor of your choice and they’ll waive their usual fee, in exchange for a donation to St Clare Hospice. 

Your donations make a huge difference to St Clare. In fact:

  • £85 (donation for an amended Will) could help towards covering the cost of running the whole Hospice at Home team for an hour. A typical visit could include two nursing assistants gently and professionally washing and shaving someone in the last weeks of life, to give them back some personal dignity.
  • £150 (donation for a Single Will) could help cover the cost of an entire day of physiotherapy focused on helping someone achieve their personal goals – whether that be to walk around their garden or go on a special trip with their family.
  • £200 (donation for a Double Will) could cover the cost of St Clare providing a special service, wedding vow renewal or wedding service for a patient and their family and friends. Our chaplain can support families to arrange and host celebrations and events at the Hospice, or in the community, to mark milestone occasions in a way which families will treasure forever.

Get in touch with us

St Clare Hospice, Corporate Relationship Fundraiser, Sydney Sykes.For more information, please contact our Corporate Relationship Fundraiser, Sydney Sykes by emailing or calling 01279 773750.