Summer Raffle 2019

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Our Summer Raffle has now closed!

Thank you for everyone who took part and bought a ticket in our Summer Raffle 2019. The draw took place on Friday 27th September 2019.

We are delighted to announce the lucky, local winners, below!

Did you win a prize?



Draw Date Ticket Number Prize
270345 £3,000.00
86335 £1,000.00
121463 £500.00
273122 £50.00
73565 £50.00
24625 £50.00
134972 £50.00
145238 £50.00
14969 £50.00
97124 £50.00
272034 £50.00
35049 £50.00
272502 £50.00

For enquiries, please give our Fundraising team a call on: 01279 773750.

How your support makes a difference

Glenn Bowers

By purchasing tickets in our Summer Raffle, you will enable us to continue supporting local people who need our care. People like Glenn, who turned to us after being told the devastating news that his kidney cancer had returned…

“When I was told my kidney cancer had come back, and it was now at stage four, I was devastated. I went into a deep depression and I was so scared; I was constantly just bursting into tears, thinking I would never see my grandchildren grow up.

“I went to see my GP and she suggested I should contact St Clare Hospice. Just hearing the word “Hospice” panicked me even more, and I thought my illness must be even worse than I thought!

“My GP called the Hospice and made arrangements to have a home visit from St Clare Social Worker, Michele, who came and assessed me. When I opened the door to her, I was greeted with the warmest smile and a hug. It was like meeting an old friend; she put me at ease from the start. Michele and I spoke for ages, never once feeling rushed. She could see I was not in a good place, and invited me to come along to have a look around the Hospice…”

Read Glenn’s full story about St Clare Hospice, here.