St Clare Conference Education Resources – 2023

Teaching resources for palliative and end of life care champions so you do not have to reinvent the wheel!

Learning resources


Free online e-learning modules related to all aspects of palliative and end of life care.

End of Life Care for All e-learning (e-ELCA) – elearning for healthcare (

Sage and thyme communication skills course

Taught nationally. Foundation level communication skills for anyone working in a health care setting. Offered by numerous organisations, both virtually and face to face.

Advance Communication Skills Training (ACST)

Run at various places including St Clare Hospice yearly. Royal College of Physicians accredited course

European Certificate in Essential Palliative Care (ECEPC)

10 weeks course assessed with portfolio and assessments. Run at various places including St Clare Hospice yearly.


National guidance and documents to read;

Ambitions of palliative and end of life care;

Current national framework for palliative and end of life care in all settings.

One Chance to get it right

Guidance for improving patient’s last days and hours of life. Contains the 5 priorities of care.

NICE Guidance for care of the dying adult in last days of life;

Gold standard framework

National framework to help aid earlier identification of patients who are nearing the end of life

NEW PIG – 20.1.17 KT vs17.pdf (


Podcasts and videos 

Steve Hewlett on PM (Radio 4)

BBC Radio 4 – PM, Steve Hewlett’s cancer journey

Radio 4 journalist who documented his cancer journey, eventually dying whilst receiving palliative care. A fantastic and raw example of a patient’s journey, from the patient’s mouth.

The big C and me

BBC Radio 5 Live – You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer, About Palliative Care

A wonderful episode of Bowel babe Dame Deborah James’ podcast.

BBC Ideas – Kathryn Mannix

Kathryn Mannix: Dying is not as bad as you think – BBC Ideas

A short video about the dying process from Dr Kathryn Mannix, Palliative Care Consultant

The power of empathy

A video from the mayo clinic about the importance of compassion and empathy. Can be helpful to watch when considering communication skills.


Handy websites

St Clare Hospice – West Essex and East Hertfordshire Border

Understanding local hospice services and upcoming education/training opportunities.

Links and Resources – Improving Oral Health of Older Persons Initiative (

Resources relating to oral health with specific resources regarding palliative care and patients dying in care homes.

Homepage | Hospice UK

A wide range of resources available to help aid learning.

Palliative Adult National Guidelines