“My Dad was my hero, a true gentleman and one of life’s good guys. It was whilst he was at home during the last weeks of his life that he was offered and received the amazing help, care and assistance from St Clare’s Hospice at Home team. We can never thank them enough for their kindness and help which meant that we could keep our beloved Dad at home with us, just as he wished.”
Lisa and her father, Ron, on her wedding day

In January 2014 our lives were turned upside down when my Dad was given the devastating news that he had cancer.”

“Dad was told that his cancer could not be cured, but there was treatment he could have to give him a greater quality of life. After seven treatments of chemotherapy at Bart’s Hospital, in July 2014 he was given amazing news – the chemotherapy had worked and his cancer had shrunk to such a degree that they placed him on a “watch and see” programme. We were overjoyed, and it was great to have our Dad back looking well and enjoying life.”

“However, in November 2014 they discovered that the cancer had spread to his brain.”

“The first time we received the news that Dad had cancer was bad, but the second time we heard it was much worse. They operated on Dad immediately and he had further radiotherapy over Christmas, with the last session on New Year’s Eve.”

“Dad was very brave through all of this and was positive in spirit. We treated each day as a blessing. He was not dying from cancer, but living with it.”

“In April 2015 we discovered the cancer had spread to his spine. Dad spent another few weeks in hospital. When he returned home in May he was having trouble walking and using the stairs. He started to deteriorate very quickly and even though we had a stair lift installed, we were struggling to help him use it.”

“At this point we just didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know how to help Dad to be comfortable and enjoy his time at home. That was when our GP put us in touch with St Clare Hospice.”

“St Clare’s gave us endless support at home. The carers always helped Dad to maintain his pride and gave all our family the support and courage to care for him. The nurses always had time for a chat with Dad and got to know the whole family really well. They came when we really needed them and were always asking what they could do to help.”

“Not only did they visit us and assist us with practical things – like a hoist and specialist chairs – but they were always on the end of the phone to give us the moral support that we needed to make Dad’s last few weeks as comfortable as possible.”

Ron behind some glass, smiling“Each day Dad grew weaker but he still remained hopeful that he would win the battle he was fighting. His body grew tired and he lost the use of legs completely but he never once complained, and always tried to protect us from the worry that we all felt.”

“Dad always had a smile on his face and would have a friendly chat with the St Clare nursing assistants who were helping Mum to look after him. He was a truly nice guy, a gentleman and loved by everyone who knew him.”

“My Dad passed away on the 19th June 2015 at home, surrounded by his family, at the age of 67 years. He fought his battle bravely and never lost hope.”

“My Dad still shines within me, and it is thanks to the help of St Clare that we were able to give Dad the final days he wanted.”

– Lisa

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