At St Clare Hospice our vision is that every adult with a life-limiting condition in our local communities should have access to palliative care services wherever and whenever they need them, so that they can make the most of every moment, no matter how long they have left to live.
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Our mission

Our mission is to provide both specialist clinical services and volunteer-led social support that meet the complex medical and social needs of local people around the issues of death, dying and loss.

Our values

We are an organisation rooted in the values of compassion, integrity, respect, excellence and team working.

Our strategic aims

  1. We will reach significantly more people who are facing death, dying and loss in our local communities.
  2. We will support our communities to become more resilient, to support each other and to remain independent for as long as possible.
  3. We will seek partnerships with other organisations to deliver better care for our patients
  4. We will grow as a strong, sustainable and effective organisation.

Strategic aim 1

We will reach more people who are facing death, dying and loss in our local communities.

We know that 2,900 people die each year in West Essex.  Of these, it is estimated that 75% of all deaths will have been a predictable death.  We also know that the number of people who die in hospital in our local area is higher than the national average.  We currently provide care for 1,500 people and support services to an additional 500 family members and friends each year.  Over the next 25 years, the number of people dying each year is projected to rise and the number of people needing support at the end of their lives in our local area will increase, especially for those living in care homes. 

We will reach significantly more people by:

  • Being the number one choice for referrers and families in delivering care services to patients with complex conditions and providing advice to other health and social care professionals working in the area.
  • Widening access to our services to patient and community groups who could benefit from our services – such as non-cancer, care home residents and young adults, as well as marginalised or vulnerable community groups.
  • Developing joined up care for patients who are often moving between home, hospital, hospice and community care teams.
  • Taking our services and expertise to our patients when they can’t get to us to ensure that people get the care they need.
  • Building and maintaining our reputation for clinical excellence and expertise.

Strategic aim 2

We will support our communities to help each other and to enable people to care for themselves and to remain independent for as long as possible.

Death and dying has become highly medicalised and hidden from public view.  Death is viewed as a ‘failure’.  St Clare believes that death is a natural part of life.  People who face serious illness and loss can become socially isolated which impacts on their health and wellbeing.  St Clare believes that communities have a part to play in supporting each other, reducing loneliness and maintaining independence for as long as people wish.

We will support our local communities by:

  • Investing in a community engagement programme that will build links with community groups to raise awareness of end of life care issues and no longer fear ‘hospice care’.
  • Reaching out to community and patient groups who are hard to reach and don’t traditionally access hospice services.
  • Listening, learning and building relationships with local people and community groups to find out what is wanted and needed from end of life care.
  • Developing volunteer-led projects that offer support to people who are at the end of life in their own communities to reduce loneliness.
  • Improving awareness of our services so that people know what we do and what services are available to them when they need them.
  • Extending our support for families and carers across West Essex [even if they are not directly connected to the hospice].
  • Continuing to develop our models of care that empowers people to make choices for themselves and remain independent for as long as they can.

Strategic aim 3

We will seek partnerships with other organisations to deliver better care for our patients

St Clare cannot meet the growing need for end of life care alone.  We serve a geographically large area with three distinct communities who have different needs and expectations.  We also operate in an area with a range of other providers and voluntary sector agencies in an economically difficult climate.  It makes sense to share resources and expertise, working together to provide excellent, seamless care to help local people navigate a complex system.

We will seek partnerships with others to deliver better care by:

  • Developing and influencing palliative and end of life care provision across the health and social care system by strong involvement at an STP and CCG level.
  • Building working relationships with the local health and social care providers and voluntary sector agencies that puts patients first.
  • Raising our profile amongst GPs and other referrers, ensuring they have the right information and advice for their patients on our services.
  • Where we can, sharing resources and expertise with local partners to keep costs down, minimise duplication and avoid waste.

Strategic aim 4

We will grow as one strong, sustainable and effective organisation.

We cannot deliver any of this work without a confident workforce that is equipped to deliver excellent care and services, nor without the money or assets. 

We will grow a strong organisation by:

  • Ensuring we operate with robust governance structures and strong, fair leadership that sets a clear vision.
  • Instilling a positive ethos and compassionate open culture across our teams and services where our people can flourish and deliver excellence.
  • Strengthening the skills and knowledge of our workforce to be confident and equipped to deliver excellent care and services.
  • Rewarding our staff for the job they do and becoming an attractive local employer that retains skilled and motivated people.
  • Strengthening our fundraising and retail arms to develop strong relationships with our supporters so an increase in income means we can afford our plans.
  • Developing our buildings and assets to support the work we do, including developing a peaceful environment where care is delivered.

Download our 2018 strategy here

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