Compassionate Neighbours Volunteer


We are looking for a skilled and friendly individual to join our Hospice team as a Compassionate Neighbours Volunteer, to visit a member of the community on a weekly basis. You would meet on a social and emotional basis, have a chat and a cup of tea or even go out together to help that person access the local community.

What skills, experience or personal qualities will I need?

  • Listening skills.
  • Confident to meet with a community member and to start a relationship that will develop in time.
  • Able to apply the key skills outlined in our training to your Compassionate Neighbour Relationship.
  • Reliable – ensuring you stick to your mutually agreed meet times.
  • Able to retain confidentiality of personal information, and able to recognise when you would need pass on information to others – for instance if someone was at risk of harm.
  • You will need to be over 18 to become a Compassionate Neighbour.

The difference this role makes to St Clare Hospice…

People living with a serious, long-term or terminal illness, as well as the elderly, often struggle with loneliness and could do with some extra support. Compassionate Neighbours can really make a difference. They are a network of trained volunteers who offer their time, companionship and support to people living in their community who are coping with serious illness or old age.

Your support will help us meet our strategic aims of:

  • Reaching significantly more people who are facing death, dying and loss in our local communities.
  • Supporting our communities to become more resilient, to support each other and to remain independent for as long as possible.
  • Seeking partnerships with other organisations to deliver better care for our patients.

Underpinning our core Values

By volunteering with us, you’ll be part of a community that celebrates St Clare Hospice’s core values of compassion, integrity, respect, excellence and team work. Everyone who is a part of the St Clare team is expected to embody this approach to their work, ensuring that our Hospice can continue improving and meeting the needs of local people facing death, dying and loss.

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More information

For more information about this role, including: the benefits you can expect when joining our Hospice; the training and support you will be given in your role; and other details about volunteering with St Clare, please read the full Volunteer Role Description.

Click here to view the Compassionate Neighbour Volunteer Role Description

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