Children and Young People

St Clare's dedicated children's bereavement support, the Echo Counselling Service, can help children and young people to face the grieving journey.
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Support for Children, Young People and Families

The aim of the Echo Counselling Service is to provide a range of support to the children, grandchildren, relatives or loved ones of anyone who has been cared for by St Clare Hospice.

Led by a Children, Young Person and Family Therapist, the support provided is tailored to each individual’s needs. Following an individualised assessment, and based on the child or young person’s needs, they will be able to attend:

1-to-1 counselling   –   Family therapy   –   Group therapy   –   Peer support  –   Workshops

If you know a child or young person who may require pre-bereavement counselling or bereavement care following the loss of a loved one at St Clare Hospice, please get in touch with our Patient and Family Support Team.

To speak to our Patient & Family Support Team about support for a child or young person, please call 01279 773 762.

Where did the name come from?

We chose the name the Echo Counselling Service in July 2018 following a naming competition and public vote.

We needed a short, catchy project name that encapsulated the whole service and the support we offer to children, young people, families and schools – supporting them to face death, dying and loss. By giving our service a relatable name, we hope to encourage more young people to find out more about it and to feel empowered in accessing the vital support we offer.

One young person who voted for the name ‘Echo’ told us that they could relate to the name because counselling had provided them with an opportunity for beneficial self-reflection, echoing back their thoughts and emotions by talking to a therapist, and the fact that the impact of losing their loved one would echo with them down through the years at different milestones in their life.

Read more about how we came up with the name here.

Thanks to Children in Need!

Our Children, Young Person and Family service has been kindly funded by BBC Children in Need.








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