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Learn more about your local hospice charity, including who we are and our history; the work we do; how we make a difference and our plans for the future.
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How hospice care can help you

Hospices aim to provide holistic, person-centred care for those who are living with an illness that can not be cured....

Who can access St Clare’s services?

St Clare Hospice is here for you. Our wide range of services are designed to serve the needs of local...

Our policies

St Clare Hospice policies ensure we give the best care and support to anyone affected by life-limiting illness and bereavement...

About St Clare Hospice

Find out more about the history of St Clare, our vision, impact and how we are funded....

Our reports

Our publications are designed to keep you informed and in touch with the work we do, the impact we...

Our history

St Clare Hospice has been established since 1990, providing care to thousands of people during that time....

Stories from local people

Sharing the stories of those who have experienced St Clare Hospice’s care and support can help others to learn more...