Emotional, practical and spiritual support

Hospice care is all about a holistic and person-led approach to an individual’s wellbeing. In addition to our specialist medical and therapeutic services, we also offer a range of other supportive services that may be of interest to you.
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Here for you, every step of the way

Here at St Clare, the support we offer is holistic; taking into consideration your overall wellbeing, as well as your hopes and goals. Our multidisciplinary Patient & Family Support Team includes a compassionate team of professionals here to listen, and support you at your own pace.

  • Counsellors to support you emotionally and psychologically
  • Social workers to support you emotionally and help work through any practical arrangements you’d like to make
  • A chaplain and local faith leaders who can offer spiritual and pastoral support
  • Therapists to support you, and your circle of family and friends

Emotional and psychological support

Living with a terminal or life-limiting illness can be difficult to process and come to terms with; it is a different experience for everyone. We are here to walk alongside you throughout your journey, supporting you to work through any concerns, worries, difficult feelings or experiences you may be wishing to address.

Supporting you with practical arrangements

There may be practical considerations and arrangements that you wish to address upon receiving the diagnosis of a terminal or life-limiting illness, or as you approach later life and older age.

Our social workers can assist and guide you through things like welfare and financial services, housing, community services available to you, considerations for your family and children, writing a Will, planning a funeral, and more.

For more information about planning for the future, please click here.

Exploring your faith and spirituality

When facing a life-limiting illness, approaching later life, or experiencing the loss of someone close, it is common for people to think about their spirituality, faith and religion. We are here to support local people of all faiths and none. Spirituality and faith mean something different to us all.

You may wish to think about, voice or explore your thoughts and feelings in regards to spirituality and faith when coping with difficult emotions and situations, or uncertainty about the future. No matter what your particular beliefs are, if you follow a particular religion or simply wish to explore your own inner spirituality, our Chaplaincy team are here for you.

Our Chaplaincy team can offer both a listening ear, as well as specialist pastoral support from your preferred faith leader. We also offer special celebration and ceremonial services for those who are in our care.

If you are a patient at St Clare Hospice, or a close relative of someone who is, or if you are experiencing bereavement and wish to talk through any spiritual needs you may have, please do get in touch.

Stories for Life

We believe everyone has a story to tell. Our Stories for Life project enables you to have your precious memories professionally recorded on audio for free.

Stories for Life is a nationwide charity that trains volunteers to record the life stories and memories of those in our hospice.

We have professionally trained Life Biographers at St Clare Hospice who offer this service to all patients free of charge. It’s an ideal gift for all the family to treasure for generations to come.

Find out more here or speak to a member of the Patient & Family Support team about recording your story.

The Sanctuary

For those who are connected with St Clare Hospice through our care and support services, our on-site Sanctuary and gardens can offer a serene place of restoration and reflection for your comfort.

The Sanctuary is for people of all faiths and none to use as a spiritual space, or simply a peaceful retreat where you can quietly reflect.

It is also home to our remembrance tree, where you can write thoughts, memories, dedications or special sentiments to hang on its branches in memory of your loved one. On display is also our book of remembrance, each page bearing the names of all those who have died in the care of St Clare Hospice recently and in years gone by.

The St Clare Hospice Sanctuary
The St Clare Hospice Sanctuary