Our Hospice at Home team bring specialist, compassionate hospice care to you, in your very own home. Their support aims to enable you to remain comfortable at your preferred location, according to your personal wishes.
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Who can access Hospice at Home services?

Our Hospice at Home service is for adults over the age of 18, who are living with a terminal or life-limiting illness. We offer compassionate personal and supportive care to those who we visit at home.

People who receive visits from our Hospice at Home team are often within the last stages of their life.

Sometimes, a person might receive Hospice at Home care after being discharged from another care setting – such as the Hospice or hospital. Hospice at Home can step in to support someone whilst another care package, such as a district nursing team, is being organised.

What is it like to access Hospice at Home services?

Our Hospice at Home team will be able to support you, and others in your household, with managing a life-limiting illness at home. We can help with things like personal care, such as washing and dressing, as well as staying with you during the day and night so that relatives are able to rest and recuperate. Our Clinical Nurse Specialists will also help to manage your symptoms (such as any pain or discomfort), assessing your needs and being led by your wishes.

After you have an initial assessment with one of our professional team members, you will be visited regularly by a Hospice at Home health care assistant at your place of residence.

People tend to access our Hospice at Home service for around five days at a time, during which a Hospice at Home health care assistant will visit several times. The duration of the service depends on the individual, however, and will be discussed with each person individually.

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Our Hospice at Home team provides tailored care for people in the comfort of their own home – including residential homes.

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