Grief can affect anyone, at any time. Our 'Managing Grief' workshop will empower you to support colleagues facing bereavement in the workplace, and to better understand what grief and bereavement is.
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Grief can affect anyone, at any time.

We all experience loss and grief in our lives, but most of us find it difficult to talk about. When it comes to supporting a colleague or friend at work, or line managing someone experiencing grief, we can feel at a loss as to what to do or say.

Managing Grief is a project of St Clare Hospice which aims to educate and empower businesses and their teams, so that you can better support colleagues facing bereavement in the workplace.

As specialists in supporting people facing grief and loss, we believe St Clare can support workplaces to create an empathetic culture for bereaved employees.

What does Managing Grief offer?

The Managing Grief workshop will help employers and line managers, manage the difficult situation of an employee bereavement, both in the immediate aftermath of bereavement and in the longer-term.

The workshop will provide awareness on how to support different kinds of bereavement including loss of a loved one, a child, or a colleague.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Explore grief & reflect on the grieving process
  • Understand the impact of grief on individuals and how it can manifest in the workplace
  • Equip workplaces with the knowledge of how to support a bereaved staff member – both practically and emotionally
  • Develop an awareness of support organisations to which they can signpost
‘People should be banging down your doors for that workshop!’ – Managing Grief attendee

What is the format for Managing Grief?

The workshops are delivered by Sally Mulyders, an experienced youth worker and community development worker. Sally has been working in local government and charities across East London and Essex for the last 25 years, including St Clare Hospice where she led on Community Engagement and Involvement for 4 years.

The sessions will be supported by the St Clare Patient & Family Support team, which includes qualified counsellors and social workers. The session will be approximately 3 hours long.

Book a Managing Grief workshop

The cost for the workshop is £75 per person and will be delivered face-to-face for up to 20 people. The workshops will be delivered at the hospice, or we can organise personalised sessions to be delivered in your workplace.

For more information on Managing Grief, and to enquire about booking a workshop for your team, please contact our Fundraising team, on 01279 773750 or email