Making a Will is the most important step in ensuring that your family and those closest to you know what you’d like to happen to your possessions, money and estate.
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Your Will

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document in which you can express your wishes as to how you’d like your possessions, money and property to be distributed after your death. You can also select which person who is close to you is responsible for managing your Will, and property, until all of your assets have been distributed.

Why should I make a Will?

Making a Will gives you control and decision over what will happen after you are gone. It gives you an opportunity to make sure that those closest to you are provided for.

It’s also important to make a Will to ensure that your wishes are known to your family and those closest to you. By making sure your wishes are known, you can help to minimise any confusion or stress amongst your loved ones when you are gone.

How can I make a Will?

There are various options for making your Will.

You can make your Will with a solicitor, online, or you can make your Will yourself at home.

If you choose to write your Will yourself, you should get advice if your Will is not straightforward. Please click here for more information on getting advice if your Will is not straightforward.

You also need to get your Will formally witnessed and signed to make it legally valid. Please click here to read more about ensuring a Will is legally valid.

If you want to update your Will, you need to make an official alteration (called a ‘codicil’), or make a new Will.

If you die without a Will, the law decides what happens to your estate and possessions.

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