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Your donation today will help us reach more local people

Last year we cared for over 1,400 people in your local community. But there are still so many families that we aren’t reaching and are struggling without our help. We need your support to reach even more local people and help them to create memories they will treasure after their loved one has died.

As a charity, St Clare has to raise more than £8,000 every single day to keep our Hospice services running. Your gift, no matter what size, will make sure that people local to you receive the care they really need. By giving £20 you will be enabling us to give amazing care and comfort to someone staying on the Inpatient Unit here at St Clare.

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Arjun’s story…

My name is Arjun and I am a Consultant here at St Clare Hospice. My job goes beyond caring for people with complex symptoms and managing their physical care. I like to connect with families on a deeper level and hope that I can make a difficult time in their lives a little bit easier.

When families are at the Hospice, they are understandably focussed on how unwell their loved one is. They often forget about the times before they needed our care. I like to ask families to tell me about their Mum, Dad or person we are caring for. I encourage them to think about happier times and help them make new special memories while they are in our care.

I want to share a story with you of a family I’ll never forget. I cared for a man in his 40s who had a wife and two young children. He had a brain tumour and lost the ability to speak. I spent a lot of time with them and found out that he loved music. I told them that I played the guitar and they invited me to play and sing his favourite songs at his bedside. To our surprise, after not being able to speak for months, he started singing along with me.

Music had touched a place in him that we thought was lost and the family were able to connect with him in a way they hadn’t been able to for a long time. The man died a week later and the family asked me to play at his funeral. I will always treasure that memory and hope it remains a special memory for his family too.

Hospice care isn’t just about looking after people that have complex symptoms and in the last days of their life. We are here for the whole family to help them become a family again, and not carers. We help them to be a husband and wife, mum and daughter, father and son again – knowing that they can trust us to care for their loved one.

But there is still so much more that we can do. More people that we can reach. We just need your help to achieve this.

On behalf of everyone at St Clare Hospice, I would like to thank you for your kindness and compassion. Your support is invaluable to the future of St Clare and caring for your local community.

Best wishes,


Arjun Kingdon, Consultant in Palliative Medicine