#ChallengingPerceptions: a St Clare campaign about hospice care

Published on: Tuesday 29 Aug 2017 at 12:30

Our #ChallengingPerceptions campaign busted the common myths about hospice care, and brought to life what hospices are really about

#ChallengingPerceptions is a St Clare Hospice social media campaign, aiming to challenge stereotypes that exist about hospice care. Lasting for a total of 12 weeks, every Monday we shared a new #ChallengingPerceptions tweet, addressing both a misconception and the truth about hospice care.

We sometimes hear things like, ‘hospices are depressing,’ or, ‘hospice care is just for cancer,’ ‘hospice care is just on a bed in a ward,’ or even ‘going to a hospice means you are just giving up’.

Everyone who knows us, and knows what St Clare and other hospice charities stand for, knows that our care is compassionate, personal, diverse, and most importantly: about life, and living. They have seen that our hospice and our grounds are beautiful, homely and comfortingly calm.

One of our overarching aims as a hospice is to address the misconceptions about what hospices are like, and correct them – so that we can endeavour to help more people who need us. We want to dispel the fear around hospice life, and instead show that it is bright, supportive, and peaceful, often with laughter in the air.

Hospice care is special – it is personalised and dedicated. It is about encouraging independence, whilst giving bountiful support. It’s about the individual – and their families and loved ones.

The #ChallengingPerceptions campaign is a tool to enlighten people that hospices are not the negative places that they are sometimes perceived to be. Palliative care is more advanced than ever, and continues to improve with a person’s individual needs at the focus of its development. It is essential for hospices that such misconceptions are addressed and put right, so that we can help more people who need us. This includes providing reassurance to people who may be worried about visiting a hospice, and their friends and families.

But what can you do to bring to light what hospices are truly about, or learn for yourself who we really are?

1. You can share this news post to your friends

2. You can read stories from those who know us, here.

3. You can re-tweet our #ChallengingPerceptions tweets on Twitter

4. You can volunteer with us, and become a part of our St Clare family, here.

5. You can find out more about St Clare’s care, in case you or someone you know needs us, here.

Get involved with our campaign. Change starts at home, and together we can take steps to help more people who need us in our local communities. 


Hospice care is just for cancer… Actually, hospices are for all life-limiting illnesses

Hospice care is just for the elderly… Actually, hospice care is for anyone and everyone 

Hospices are dark and dingy… Actually, hospices are bright and airy 

Hospices are funded by the NHS… Actually, hospices are run on charitable donations 

Going to a hospice means you are giving up… Actually, hospices make every moment count

Hospice care is just for the patient with the illness… Actually, hospices help family and friends

Hospice care is just for the last days… Actually, hospices are about helping from diagnosis 

Hospice care is just on a bed on a ward… Actually, hospice care is in your own home 

Hospices are just about dying… Actually, hospices are about life and living 

A Hospice is just a place you go to die… Actually, hospices provide many types of care

There must be lots of crying and sadness all the time … Actually, hospices are peaceful and warm 

Hospices are sad and depressing… Actually, hospices are uplifting and happy

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