Winners’ stories

With more winners being created every week, read the stories of some of our previous lucky lottery players and find out what they did with their windfalls.

Cheryl Rundall

Cheryl Rundall from Harlow won the St Clare Lottery on Friday 25th October 2019, winning £1,000 from our weekly draw.

We invited Cheryl into the Hospice to share her story and explain how she come to sign up to the St Clare Lottery 3 years ago.

“It was in September 2016 when I was out shopping in Harlow and I saw a St Clare Lottery canvasser in Matalan. I knew that St Clare was my local hospice charity, so I thought ‘why not sign up?’ At this point, I had no idea that St Clare would become a bigger part of my life.

“My husband, Dave, was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in March 2016. Dave’s condition got worse and had to come and stay on the St Clare Inpatient Unit on 5th November. He stayed at St Clare for two weeks, but then returned home for a few days with the help of St Clare’s Hospice at Home team. Dave then came back into St Clare’s Inpatient Unit, where he passed away on Tuesday 29th November.

“Playing the St Clare Lottery helps me to feel like I am giving something back to the Hospice. I also see it as a way of remembering my husband.

“I was at work when I received the call from the Lottery team to tell me I had won £1,000. I couldn’t believe it!”

Cheryl is planning on spending her winnings on one of St Clare’s Memory Tree leaves in memory of her husband. She said she will renew her husbands leaf every year as another way of supporting the hospice. 

Alan Higgins

Alan Higgins won our Summer Raffle at St Clare on Friday 27th September 2019, winning the first prize of £3,000!

Alan’s wife, Heather, stayed on St Clare’s Inpatient Unit in August 2019, when Alan decided to purchase some tickets for the Summer Raffle. After Heather’s stay with us, she returned home and was supported by our Hospice at Home team, until she later died at home – where she had wished to be. It was on the date of Heather’s funeral that Alan received a call from our Lottery team…

“The support we received from St Clare Hospice, at one of the most difficult times in our lives, was transformative. I had no idea how much a hospice could do, or the breadth of support they would provide to us. Along with St Clare’s support to help control Heather’s symptoms, my time in the Hospice environment was significant in other ways. Particularly, it helped me to be orientated for the final weeks of Heather’s life that followed immediately after. The information and support I received from both the nurses and doctors was excellent, and gave me confidence to cope with, and to help manage, the situation we were in.

“In early September, Heather died at home, where she had wished to be. On the day of her funeral, the 27th, something amazing happened which was in sharp contrast to the other events of the day. I received a voicemail message from Paula, the Lottery Manger at St Clare, saying that I had won the first prize of £3,000 in the St Clare Summer Raffle!

“I couldn’t really take the news in until later that evening, when I was sitting with my family chatting through the events of the funeral day. As we all decided it was time to go to bed, I said ‘I’ve got a nice little story to finish the day with; you will not believe what happened earlier today…’ And I told them about the call from Paula. Receiving this news was such a welcome sparkle on what was otherwise such a profoundly sad day.”

Alan is planning to spend his prize money on fulfilling a life-long ambition – a trip to Israel

Tracey Butcher

Tracey Butcher from Waltham Abbey won the St Clare Lottery on Friday 8th June 2018, winning a wonderful £1,000 from our weekly draw.

After her friend received hospice care from another charity, Tracey felt inspired to support her local hospice after seeing how much a difference their care can make to patients and families.

“It wasn’t long after the funeral of my dear friend, when I came out of my local supermarket to meet a St Clare Hospice Lottery canvasser outside. He was a lovely man, and with our meeting being so close to losing my friend, I just felt like it was a sign that I should register immediately! It’s only £4.34 a month, and it’s so worth it to support my local hospice. I’m always donating loads of stuff to the Epping charity shop, because I know what a vital service St Clare is in my local community.”

“When I found out that I had won, I just burst into tears! It was just a couple of months after the anniversary of my friend passing, and I felt like she was looking down on me, knowing that I needed a little helping hand this month. It was really emotional, and I’m so pleased that I won.”

Tracey is planning to spend her winnings towards a lovely girls’ holiday in Turkey with her 14-year old daughter later this year. Tracey hopes to save the rest as a ‘rainy day fund’.

Ben Dodds

Ben Dodds from Loughton won the St Clare Lottery on Friday 11th May 2018, winning a wonderful £1,000 from our weekly draw.

Ben first come to know St Clare after his brother-in-law’s mum was cared for by our nursing team. Touched by the care we offer here at the hospice, Ben decided to sign up to our Lottery whilst out shopping in Harlow Town, as a way of supporting St Clare.

“When my brother-in-law’s mum passed away, it affected the whole family. I knew what a difference having access to the care at St Clare had made, so when I saw the Lottery being promoted in Harlow, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. It’s only £4.33 a month – the price of a couple of drinks! So, I didn’t really think much of it, but knew I was supporting a local charity that cares for people in my community.”

“When I got the call from St Clare, I thought I was being pranked! I couldn’t believe it! I felt so lucky to have won £1,000. I was just so pleased.”

Ben is planning to spend his winnings on taking out his brother-in-law, and his nephew, for a lovely day out together.

Jordan Conroy

Jordan Conroy from Sawbridgeworth won our weekly £1,000 Lottery prize on Friday 13th April – which turned out to be a lucky day for Jordan, after all!

Whilst out Christmas shopping in Harlow town, Jordan met one of our Lottery canvassers Sonia, and decided to sign up there and then.

Jordan said: “I was at work when I got the call to say that I had won £1,000 from the St Clare Lottery. I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked! I told all my friends and they couldn’t believe it either, but it just goes to show that you can win, whilst also supporting a really great charity in the local community. I’m really chuffed that I won – I never expected it at all!”

Jordan is looking forward to spending his winnings on a deposit for a new car.

Anne Aitken

Anne Aitken from Ware signed up to the St Clare Lottery after her best friend Pamela was cared for by the Hospice.

Anne said: “It was just a few days after Pamela’s funeral and I bumped into a St Clare Lottery Canvasser outside the Tesco in Harlow. Having only just experienced the care St Clare gave to Pamela and her family – it seemed like it was meant to be. So I signed up straight away! I just saw it as a donation to the Hospice – I never expected to win anything.”

Anne was lucky enough to win a £10 prize in February 2018. Anne said: “When I received the letter to say I had won a prize – and I saw that it had been drawn on my birthday – it just felt like it was another sign! It was just meant to be. I was so pleased and surprised, I decided to donate the winnings straight back to St Clare. I think that’s what Pamela would have wanted me to do.”

We are so grateful to Anne. It is thanks to kind donations such as this, and the more than £300,000 that the Lottery makes every year for St Clare, that we can fund vital care for local people like Pamela and their families. Thank you Anne!

June Hall

A woman receives a large cheque£9,200 St Clare Lottery rollover winner, June Hall from Harlow, was awarded her lucky fortune in October 2017. June has been playing the Lottery for over 10 years and just saw her payment as a donation to a good cause – she never thought about winning and wasn’t expecting the lucky phone call that she got back in October.

June said: “I couldn’t believe it when I got the call from St Clare’s to say that I had won the Lottery rollover. It was a good job they told me to sit down to hear the news! I am still in shock that I have won the rollover.”

“I will carry on playing the Lottery for St Clare because it is such a good cause. You can see the difference that playing the Lottery makes to real families – and it is such a great way to support the work of the hospice.”

“My plan with the winnings is to have a new kitchen fitted. I am even going to treat myself to a new oven. This will be the kitchen that St Clare built! It is absolutely wonderful to be able to do it.”

Read her full story here Forward Arrow

Christine Neal

£1,000 St Clare Lottery winner, Christine Neal from Bishops Stortford, Christine Neal pictured with the giant cheque, and friend and volunteer Pat, and Director of Income Generation Cherylwas awarded her lucky fortune on 2 June 2017. Having previously supported St Clare in our Lottery, Christine decided it was time to reinvest in her ticket and won a lovely prize after just 2 months!

Christine said: “I couldn’t believe it when I got the call to say I’d won – I was in shock! I’m so grateful to have won the St Clare Lottery because it will help me to continue my travels!”

As a seasoned jet-setter, Christine’s winnings will be going towards an exciting holiday in Cambodia, in addition to treats for the family and her four grandchildren. 

Michael Starr

Lucky Spring Raffle 2017 winner, Michael Starr from Saffron Walden, won £2,000 in this year’s draw on 31 March 2017. Having been a St Clare Lottery player for many years, Mr Starr was thrilled to win first prize.

Michael said: “We like to support St Clare as we’ve had family members cared for by the Hospice. I used to sell a lot of raffle tickets to help with fundraising for St Clare and I very rarely come out winning the top prize – so it’s lovely to win the St Clare Spring Raffle!”

Michael, and his wife Vera, are yet to decide what to do with their prize winnings, but are keen to mark the occasion by putting it to good use and making some home improvements. 

Betty Gannicott

The Spring Raffle 2017 awarded Betty Gannicott from Theydon Bois the third prize of £500.

Betty said: “I’ve never, ever won anything before! I was in shock when I got the call from St Clare and asked them if they were sure it was mine! It was a lovely surprise.”

Betty is excited to use her winnings as spending money for when she goes on holiday to Spain later on this year.

Gillian Oates

Lottery winner with a giant chequeCongratulations to Gillian Oates from Theydon Bois who won £2,600 in the St Clare Lottery. Lucky Gillian picked up the St Clare Lottery Rollover prize, which accumulates £200 for every week it is not won!

Gillian says she will be enjoying Christmas in the sun thanks to the St Clare Lottery, as she plans on spending her winnings on a lovely winter holiday.

Louise Shipp

Laura Shipp receives a giant chequeLouise Shipp from Harlow signed up for the St Clare Lottery three years ago when a canvasser came to her door. On Friday 24 June 2016 she collected a cheque for the £1,000 first prize! She was delighted to win and very happy that her £1 per week helped to raise more than £600,000 for the Hospice in the last year.

She was delighted to win and will spend the lucky windfall on a new designer bag, a treat for her children, and by making a donation back to the Hospice!

Bob and Jacqui Pook

A couple holding a giant checqueA husband and wife who have volunteered at St Clare for a total of 8 years have proven that good deeds do indeed bring good luck! Bob and Jacqui Pook have been dedicated volunteer gardeners since 2011 and were justly rewarded when they won £1,000 in the St Clare Lottery.

Jacqui said: “We received the leaflet for the St Clare Lottery in our goodie bags at the Midnight Walk and thought it was a fun way to support the Hospice that we love. We never thought we would be lucky enough to win first prize! We are planning to spend the money on some house improvements and a holiday with the family.

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