Consent for Publicity

Photographs, film and stories are powerful ways of raising money for St Clare and telling people about how our services benefit patients, their families and friends.

We would like to share your story, and any photos and film you are happy to share of you and/or your family, about your experience of the Hospice.

How will St Clare share your story?

We may share your story in various ways, including:

  • On our website
  • On our social media platforms (X, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  • During talks and presentations
  • In our supporter newsletter and leaflets
  • With existing and/or potential funders such as Trusts and Foundations
  • With media relations (i.e. the local press)

Who do I need to consider before sharing my story? 

As in all areas of our work, our first priority when communicating our services and impact, is the comfort and care of our patients and their families.

We recommend you consider the feelings of your next of kin, family and friends, and inform them that you have allowed St Clare Hospice to use your contribution – as it may be used for several months (and for up to 3 years).

How long will my interview, photos and/or film be kept for?

Your interview/photos/film will be kept for up to 3 years. You or your next of kin/relative/representative can contact St Clare Hospice at any point and ask us to not use the interview/photos/film again.

Media circulation

Please remember, that once your photos/film/words are published and in circulation (for example, on the internet or in a newspaper) these may be copied and used by others. Also, while St Clare Hospice makes every effort to ensure all media coverage is positive, it does not have final control over how a journalist may portray you or your loved ones.

Will I get final sign off of my story?

We will not publish or share your story until you have reviewed and signed-off (in person or via email) your final contribution – unless otherwise agreed.

Other information

St Clare Hospice:

  • Will be present and oversee all interviews and photo shoots
  • Will manage the conduct of external press and media during interviews, making sure they respect the sensitivity of the material they are handling
  • Will attempt to ensure patients’ and families’ wishes are respected at all times
  • Will allow patients/families to approve relevant content prior to release (St Clare Hospice communications)
  • Will let patients/families know where their interview/photo will be used
  • Will give copies of St Clare Hospice material to patient/family upon request
  • Will never use the patient’s name unless agreed to do so and will treat all information in confidence
  • Will remove photos/interviews from further usage if a patient/family requests us to do so by contacting the Communications Team using:

You can download a copy of these terms by clicking the button below:

Download a copy of the Consent for Publicity Terms


You should only agree to us using your photo/film/words if you feel completely happy with us doing so. You are under no pressure or obligation to sign.

I’d like to share my story with St Clare Hospice’s Communications Team…

If you agree with the above terms, please fill in the form below to provide St Clare Hospice with consent to use your story for promotional purposes.