For better, for worse – will you help us be there?

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We help families make the most of every last moment together, thanks to you.

We can’t express how grateful we are to supporters like you. It’s only thanks to your generosity that St Clare Hospice can help local families to create special memories to cherish forever and the chance to say a peaceful goodbye to their loved one.

Right now, patients in your community need St Clare’s expert end of life care. Can you help us make more special memories for people facing death dying and loss? Please use the form below to donate.


Thank you!

It’s people like Antonina and Giuseppe that will benefit from your donation today, please read Antonina’s story below.

Antonina’s Story

Giuseppe and I were childhood sweethearts. We got together as teenagers and were blessed with four beautiful children over the next twenty years. I always imagined we’d grow old together, but then Giuseppe got ill, and he didn’t get better.

Despite nine hours in surgery, Giuseppe’s pancreatic cancer couldn’t be cured. His condition got worse very quickly and, when the painkillers stopped working, I couldn’t bear to see him in so much pain.

Thankfully, just as things began to feel desperate, St Clare Hospice came to our aid. They welcomed us into the hospice, eased Giuseppe’s discomfort and made us feel instantly at home. I simply don’t know how we’d have coped without their compassion and incredible care.

That’s why I’m writing to ask if you can make a donation to St Clare Hospice today? With your support, their team can provide urgent care for patients like Giuseppe who are reaching the end of their life. And they’ll make sure that no local family has to face losing their loved one alone.

When we first arrived at the hospice, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be a place full of sadness and grief.  How wrong I was!  It was warm, welcoming and loving – full of life, not death.

What’s so amazing is that the staff at St Clare didn’t just ease Giuseppe’s pain and take care of him medically, they wrapped their arms around our family and supported us emotionally too.

Giuseppe and I weren’t married. With four kids to take care of, a wedding had always felt like an unaffordable luxury. Now, with our time together running out, getting married felt impossible. But when the hospice offered to organise our wedding, we were blown away by their kindness.

Everyone sprang into action and within three days, St Clare had organised our entire wedding. From the service, led by Ann, the hospice chaplain, to the opera singer who sang our favourite songs – not to mention the flowers, white doves, wedding cake and delicious dinner – the hospice had it all covered.  They gave us our dream wedding before it was too late.

Surrounded by our children and close family, Giuseppe and I were married in the Hospice garden on 9th May 2021. Just 35 days later, he died.

The grief we feel today is immeasurable.  We miss Giuseppe constantly but I’m so grateful that we were able to spend his last days together, in peace, surrounded by love.

No one should have to face the end of their life alone. Please can you give today to help St Clare reach more families in need?

When I think back to Giuseppe’s final weeks, I feel so fortunate that St Clare Hospice was there for my family. They made sure Giuseppe wasn’t in pain – something I couldn’t do myself at home – and they gave him the best quality of life right up to the end.

Nothing was too much trouble at the hospice. The staff made it a home from home – the chef even cooked his favourite food. And I was able to stay with him 24 hours a day. The expert nurses taught me how to help Giuseppe use the special Hospice bath which meant I didn’t feel excluded from his care and he felt more comfortable having me there.

I simply can’t imagine how much harder it would have been to face the end of Giuseppe’s life alone. It breaks my heart to think of other families going through their loss without St Clare’s support.

Shockingly, St Clare has to raise more than £8,000 every single day to keep their services running. They simply can’t achieve that without donations from kind, generous friends, like you. Please can you use the donation slip attached to give again today?

Giuseppe was my world and I never wanted us to part.  But, thanks to you, St Clare helped me and my children through the darkest time of our lives. I’ll never forget their kindness, and I’ll never forget yours.

With heartfelt thanks,


Wife of Inpatient, Giuseppe.