Community Services – Your Stories

Changing people’s perceptions is one of the biggest challenges we face in raising awareness of the help we can provide to those living with a life-limiting illness.

A row of nurses

We have found personal stories help the most in overcoming people’s fears. We have created this area as a place to share the stories and experiences of patients, their family members and carers who have spent time using St Clare Hospice Community Services.

If you are interested in sharing your experience of our care to help others, please get in touch with our Communications Team.

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Alan’s story

“In August 2019, my wife, Heather, spent two weeks staying on the Inpatient Unit at St Clare Hospice. It was...

Martin’s Story

“The Hospice at Home team became part of the family – everyone knew them. They were really great and they...

Katherine’s story

“St Clare doesn’t just help with the practical and medical things. They are there to support you emotionally and to...

Russell’s Story

“It was massive having St Clare there for us. Lisa loved it as well. Everything about St Clare Hospice is...

June’s Story

“Gill, our St Clare nurse, was so dedicated and supportive – without her we would have been floundering. I knew...

Val’s Story

“St Clare was just so good at being there in the background, like a safety net if I ever needed...

Susan’s story

“St Clare really is such a special place. No one expects to come to a place like St Clare in...

Avice’s story

“St Clare has given me so much support and has helped me to face life - now that it is...