Here at St Clare Hospice, we recognise the value of developing a good support network during challenging times. Our group sessions offer a space to meet and connect with people who may have similar experiences to your own, enabling you to develop supportive connections and genuine friendships within the local community.
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Our Groups

We have a range of Groups within our Wellbeing Hub, each geared towards supporting different elements of your wellbeing and enabling you to meet others with similar experiences to your own.

Living Well programme

The Living Well programme will provide you with practical skills and knowledge to help you live well with a life-limiting condition.

Sessions are delivered in small groups, bringing you together with other people to share experiences and build peer support.

The programme is delivered for one full day each week, for six consecutive weeks, by a specialist team at the Hospice centre in Hastingwood. The team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and nurse consultants.

Topics covered include:

  • Fatigue & anxiety management
  • Coping with change
  • Navigating services
  • Preparing for your next consultation
  • Planning for your future

Find out more and seek a referral for the Living Well programme here.

Breathlessness Group

By attending St Clare’s Breathlessness Group, you can learn how to manage the breathlessness you are experiencing as a result of your illness. Managing breathlessness can help to improve your mobility and function, enabling you to do more and live well – with less anxiety and more confidence.

Currently, our Breathlessness Group course consists of four, weekly sessions, hosted on Tuesday afternoon’s onsite at St Clare Hospice.

Throughout the course, our four, weekly sessions will focus on:

  1. Anatomy and breathing exercises
  2. Fatigue management and equipment
  3. Introduction to Advance Care Planning, Diet and Exercise
  4. Anxiety management

Fatigue Management Group

Did you know, that 80% of people with a life-limiting condition report that they experience fatigue? 

Fatigue is a common symptom experienced by people with lots of life-limiting conditions, including: COPD, lung conditions, cancer, heart failure, MS, Parkinson’s and other conditions.

Our Fatigue Management Group consists of a course of four, weekly sessions, hosted on Tuesday afternoons onsite at St Clare Hospice. It is run by an Occupational Therapist and Therapy Assistant.

Throughout the course, the four weekly sessions will focus on:

  1. Understanding fatigue
  2. Energy conservation
  3. Fatigue and lifestyle
  4. Fatigue and mental wellbeing

Looking for extra support?

Our Wellbeing Hub offers a variety of supportive services that you could benefit from. Take a look at our calendar of events below to see what’s on this week! You can also click on the ‘Month’ and ‘Agenda’ tabs to view the calendar in different date formats.

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