8 Tips for Preparing for St Clare’s Walking in Memory Charity Walk

Walking in Memory 2022 attendees in their blue St Clare Hospice t-shirts walking towards the camera smiling as they wave at the camera.
Published on: Saturday 01 Jul 2023 at 17:19

Learn how to prepare for a charity walk in 2024 ahead of St Clare Hospice’s Walking in Memory event this September

St Clare are inviting you to celebrate the lives of loved ones at Walking in Memory.

This event allows bereaved families and friends to come together to celebrate the lives of those who mean the most to them – whether it be a parent, grandparent, child, aunt or uncle, friend, sibling or even a furry member of the family.

The loss of a loved one can be crushing as you fear their memory will soon cease to exist now they are no longer here. However, Walking in Memory offers you the opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who mean the most to you. No matter if your loss was recently or in the past.

By taking on this 5k charity walk through the Hastingwood countryside, you’ll find yourself immersed in gorgeous scenery all while meeting and connecting with a community of bereaved people as you come together to honour the memory of your loved ones.

This sponsored charity walk means you will not only come together honour the memory of your loved ones but, you will also help to raise life-changing funds for people across West Essex and the East Hertfordshire borders.

If you’re searching for a charity walk to complete in 2024, Walking in Memory might just be the right fit for you. So, we’ve gathered our top 8 tips to help you prepare for this incredibly moving event…

1. Register for Walking in Memory

Take some time to think about who you want to take on Walking in Memory for. You may find that you are looking to honour someone you love dearly or maybe to honour the life of someone who means a lot to a family member, partner or friend.

It is important to think about who you want to celebrate to inspire and drive you forward as you begin to take on this emotionally rewarding challenge.

Once you’ve decided who you are going to honour, you can register for Walking in Memory right here on our website – just click on the button below.

Register for Walking in Memory 


2. Set your goals and fundraising targets

After registering, set clear goals for your participation in this 5k charity walk. Whether you want to raise a certain amount of money for St Clare Hospice or a competitive streak leaves you wanting to complete the distance within a specific time.

Setting up your JustGiving page is a great way to set achievable fundraising targets all while collecting donations easily and securely.

£70 – you could help pay for essential clinical supplies for a patient for 14 days

£90 – you could help pay for 5 hours of support for a bereaved family member 

£200 – you could help pay for 5 visits by a Hospice at Home health care assistant

Two Walking in Memory attendees wearing St Clare Hospice's blue t-shirt with their own personalised back signs detailing who they were walking in behalf of.

Plus, when you receive your first donation you’ll be able to collect a FREE St Clare t-shirt to wear on the day. You’ll be able to decorate this with your personalised back sign to share who you are remembering at Walking in Memory.

Create a JustGiving page to fundraise for St Clare 


3. Invite others to get involved in this 2024 charity walk

Walking is always best enjoyed when surrounded by friends, family, or colleagues who share your passion for the cause you align with. Encourage others to join you and together you can motivate each other to reach your fundraising goals, all while later enjoying a scenic walk through the stunning Hastingwood countryside together.


4. Physically preparing for Walking in Memory

To ensure a comfortable experience during the walk, it is essential to prepare yourself physically. Make sure to take yourself out (and any furry friends who may be joining you at the event) to enjoy walks in your local green spaces, so you can get used to the distance.

And if you’re the competitive type and want to push yourself to complete the 5k walk in a certain amount of time, you can create a personalised training plan that gradually increases your fitness level.

When living with any underlying health conditions, remember to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen.


5. Host fundraising events

There are a number of different ways you can have fun, rally up funds and raise awareness for your walk in memory of your loved one(s) in the lead up to September. Whether you have an office raffle, fancy making some sweet treats as part of a bake sale or host a quiz at your local pub.

If you’d like more information about fundraising for St Clare, or want to talk through an idea of your own – or even just to tell us about your event – please do get in touch.

We are happy to support your fundraising feat with branded materials such as banners and posters, and we can also help you to promote your event.

Contact the Fundraising team 


6. Make sure you have the right clothing

Before the big day, it’s important to make sure you have the right shoes for the walk. Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning and make sure to break them in by wearing them out on walks of a similar distance to this 5k sponsored charity walk.

With the event being in September, it’s hard to gauge the weather for the day. We recommend checking the weather forecast leading up to the day so you can plan accordingly. Breathable clothing is recommended and have a rain coat on standby in case of classic British drizzly weather.

Also make sure not to forget essentials like sun cream, a hat and a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the walk.


7. Use social media to boost your fundraising

Another great way to boost your fundraising even further is to share your JustGiving page on social media and, if appropriate, in your email footer at work.

Utilising these platforms is a great way to amplify your message, reach a broader audience and increase the likelihood of receiving donations.

You can even your story of why you are taking on Walking in Memory so that friends, family, colleagues or other potential donators can find out more about what has inspired you to support St Clare’s charity walk 2024.

Sharing your JustGiving page and story might also encourage other bereaved people to get involved with fun of this event, so that they too can celebrate the lives of loved ones who they miss deeply.


8. Prioritise self-care and rest

In the lead up to the event, ensure you get enough rest. Adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and staying hydrated will help you in both before and during the event. Make sure to listen to your body and avoid overexertion, especially if you’re new to walking long distances or have any health concerns.

Self-care is also important, especially when bereaved, so in the lead up to or even after the event make sure to take care of yourself and your mental health.

St Clare Hospice's GriefLine logo. GriefLine can be called Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm on 01279 945089.And if you want to talk, we’re here. St Clare Hospice’s GriefLine is a local resource offering emotional support across West Essex and East Herts to anyone struggling with their grief around the loss of someone.

GriefLine is open from 8am to 5pm every week day and up to 8pm on Tuesday & Thursday, excluding Bank Holidays, on 01279 945089. The GriefLine team are here to listen and give you a non-judgemental space to talk about how you are feeling and offer emotional support.

Call GriefLine 


Frequently Asked Questions – Walking in Memory

Now you’ve taken a read of our top 8 tips for preparing for Walking in Memory, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions about the event to let you learn a little more about this meaningful charity event.

How do I set up a JustGiving page?

JustGiving's homepage, illustrating that you can set up a fundraising page for Walking in Memory to raise funds for St Clare Hospice.Visit JustGiving and click ‘start fundraising’ to make your own online fundraising page. Set your target, and personalize your page to let people know what you are doing and why.

If you require assistance in setting up your fundraising page, please feel free to get in touch with our Fundraising team. We are more than happy to help.

Are children allowed?

We encourage you to bring along all members of the family to get involved with Walking in Memory; please note, it’s advised that the terrain of the event is unsuitable for pushchairs.

Where can I park?

Free parking can be found on-site at the Hospice based in Hastingwood, Essex.

Can I bring my dog?

A fluffy white dog, pictured at Walking in Memory 2022, wearing one of the St Clare Hospice knitted keepsake hearts on their collar.

Yes! Well-behaved dogs are welcome, but we just ask that they are kept on leads throughout.

Is the route accessible?

Everyone is welcome to join us. The landscape of the event features both uphill and downhill uneven countryside paths that venture across roads and through both wooded areas and fields within Hastingwood.

If you’d like to assess whether this event is accessible for you, our Fundraising team are happy to discuss the Walking in Memory route with you.

Does it matter how long it takes me to complete the walk?

We estimate that the walk will take just over an hour to complete but, no matter your timing, we are here to cheer you on from the start right up until you reach the Hospice again on your return.

Are there food and drinks available at the event?

Once you’ve completed the walk, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous taste of a delicious burger or sausage straight from the BBQ – with vegan options available too!

Ice cream boat with sauce, sprinkles and a flake. Pictured outside of St Clare Hospice.Is it all about a 99 with a flake or do you prefer an ice lolly? Well you can also have your dessert of choice as an ice cream van will be onsite for all of your sweet tooth cravings.

Meaning you’ll leave with your heart and stomach feeling full from this sponsored walk to remember.

Can I volunteer at Walking in Memory?

Yes! We couldn’t do what we do without the incredible support of volunteers, including our events.

So if walking isn’t for you and you’d prefer to support Walking in Memory by volunteering your time, we will have a number of volunteer opportunities available so you can still get involved with this fantastic event.

Register your interest in volunteering at Walking in Memory  

A headshot of St Clare Hospice's Events Relationship Fundraiser Bec Beattie.If you have any further questions about this flagship event, please get in touch with our Events Relationship Fundraiser Bec Beattie on 01279 773750 or email bec.beattie@stclarehospice.org.uk.

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