GriefLine is here to support bereaved people affected by the Queen’s death

Published on: Friday 16 Sep 2022 at 14:07

The Queen’s death and your own grief

GriefLine (01279 945089) is a local resource offering much-needed emotional support on the telephone, across West Essex and East Herts, to anyone struggling with their grief around the loss of someone.

GriefLine is open from 8am every week day and up to 8pm on Tuesday & Thursday, excluding Bank Holidays. It is run by a team of St Clare Hospice staff and volunteers, trained to deliver emotional support to those who are struggling with their grief.

GriefLine is open

GriefLine will remain open on Monday 19th September 2022 in order to support those affected by grief surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mass mourning can be a trigger

Elaine McManigan, Family Support Counselling Co-ordinator at St Clare Hospice, said: “As many people mourn the death of the Queen, we may become aware that this is having an impact on us and our own grief. Whilst we most likely didn’t know her personally, the images we see of her grieving children and other upset members of the public, can stir up many deeply felt emotions within us – including other losses and our own grief.”

“For those of us who have been bereaved, whether recently or long ago, thoughts and emotions that you may have thought had passed, can come back to the surface. The stories and images we see across numerous TV and radio channels can trigger emotions within us – remembering the loss of our own mother, grandmother, other family member, or friends.”

Support for those struggling

Sushma Dhami, Head of Patient and Family Support Services at St Clare Hospice, said: “We felt it important for local people that we keep GriefLine open on the Bank Holiday, Monday 19th September, so that we can continue to offer much-needed support to those struggling with their grief. The death of the Queen may have affected people in many ways – whether they feel overwhelmed by her death, are struggling with other bereavements both recent and long ago, or are being faced with the reality of their own mortality. Whatever the reason, if you feel like you need someone to talk to about your feelings around grief, we are here to listen, offering a non-judgemental space.”

GriefLine is here for you

Anyone who has experienced a loss, whether recently or in the past, is welcome to call GriefLine. No previous connection to St Clare Hospice is required to access support.

If you would like to speak to someone about the loss of someone, no matter how long ago you were bereaved, the number to call is 01279 945089. GriefLine is free to call, though charges may apply in line with your standard network rate.

For more information on GriefLine, visit:

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