Tick ‘Yes’ for your local hospice

Published on: Thursday 07 Dec 2017 at 12:16

We’re calling on all St Clare supporters to tick ‘Yes’ for their local hospice!

West Essex and East Herts charity, St Clare Hospice, has launched a new campaign encouraging supporters to tick ‘Yes’ for their local hospice.

The tick ‘Yes’ campaign has been launched in advance of wide-reaching changes to data protection legislation which will come into force in May 2018.

St Clare Hospice’s Supporter Development Manager, Jamie Hooper, is leading the tick ‘Yes’ campaign and explains:

“You may have heard in the news about the changes that are happening in data protection law, and how they will impact charities up and down the country – including St Clare. This is a huge change in the law that will affect all areas of our care. St Clare Hospice needs the continued support of our local community, now more than ever. With a simple tick, you can make a huge difference to our care.”

“We are required by law to make sure that the personal data we hold about our supporters is accurate and up-to-date, and having the correct information also helps ensure that our communications are the right ones, to the right person, at the right time. Of course, we only want you to receive updates from us in the way that is best for you. We understand how irritating it can be to receive unsolicited and unwelcome post, emails and calls – so it is important we get this right for all our supporters. Ticking ‘Yes’ is so easy to do!”

“A simple tick for St Clare means that we can continue to keep you, our supporters, updated about the difference your support makes to local families, and inform you about the many new and exciting ways that you can help support the hospice. Things like remembering your loved one with a personalised Memory Tree leaf, taking part in one of our events like Light Up A Life at Christmas-time, joining up to play our weekly Lottery, or hearing about how your support makes a difference through our newsletter.”

“Many supporters have chosen St Clare as their favourite charity of choice, knowing that we serve their local community day after day, year after year. Whatever your motivation, we need your tick today.”

St Clare Hospice’s tick ‘Yes’ campaign is being backed by their loyal supporter, and regular television presenter, Jeff Brazier.

In St Clare Hospice’s new campaign video, Jeff Brazier addresses the importance of ticking ‘Yes’ for your local hospice by outlining the story of a local family who were supported by St Clare back in 2015.

In the video, Jeff Brazier says:

“No one ever expects to need somewhere like St Clare. You don’t plan for a life-limiting illness. But if you need our care, you will know just how critical our nurses and medical teams are. They are there for local families when they need it most. Helping them navigate life’s most difficult journeys, understanding, listening and caring. It’s the stories of patients and families we help day after day, year after year, that prove the difference your support makes.”

“Put simply, your support is priceless. Without you, we can’t care for families in your local community. And today, you can do something else truly vital. Under new data protection rules, all supporters must tell us if and how they wish to hear from us. This is a huge move that will impact all areas of our care. You can decide how you would like us to keep in touch, but the most important thing is that you allow us reach to out to you for help. St Clare Hospice needs you now more than ever. Your support matters so much to us, and to local families. Tick ‘Yes’ for your local hospice.”

Watch the ‘Tick ‘Yes’ for St Clare Hospice’ video below

Alternatively, you can watch the tick ‘Yes’ video on St Clare Hospice’s YouTube channel.

To show your support for St Clare Hospice, you can let them know your contact preferences in two easy ways:

  1. Online: simply visit stclarehospice.org.uk/tick-yes
  2. Phone: call their Supporter Care Line on 01279 773750


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