Midnight Walk poster girls remember best friends

Published on: Thursday 12 May 2016 at 15:36

Elsenham WI team enter 6th Midnight Walk

St Clare Hospice’s Midnight Walk, the largest event in our calendar, will be returning to the streets of Harlow for the eighth year, on the evening of Saturday 2 July. The neon-themed fundraising walk will ‘light up the night’ for St Clare as walkers step out in memory of loved ones who have been supported by us.

Amongst those returning to the Midnight Walk for another year are Lindsey Peters and Joanne McEwen. Lindsey (60) and Joanne (54), who both live in Elsenham, are taking part in the walk for the 6th year in a row. The pair were first moved to take part in the event in memory of two of their best friends and continue to walk in their memory every summer.

Joanne said: “We started taking part in the Midnight Walk in 2010, the summer after two of our best friends, Linda Clayden and Alexis Hughes-Hughes, sadly passed away. I met Linda and Alexis at an ante-natal group years ago and we became lifelong friends. It was such a shock when we lost both Linda and Alexis within just four months of each other. Linda received amazing care at St Clare Hospice so we wanted to give something back to the charity.”

“When we did our first Midnight Walk in 2010 we gathered a big group of us and walked with all our daughters – including Linda and Alexis’ daughters. It was such a wonderful and moving atmosphere, walking in memory of our loved ones and sharing the experience with so many others whose lives have been touched by St Clare. When you look back at the sea of people gathered in their St Clare t-shirts it is just so touching.”

Lindsey, who is a member of the Elsenham Women’s Institute, is gathering a team together from the group for 2016: “When the posters with the photo of Jo and I went up all around the local area, our phones wouldn’t stop buzzing! All our friends were phoning to say they had seen us on the poster. We thought – as we are the poster girls for 2016 – we better get a bigger team together than ever before.”

“We are going to be walking with the Gilbey Girls, another name for the Elsenham WI, and other friends. We are taking the costumes very seriously this year. We are taking it back to the ‘70s with our neon leggings and, obviously, tutus will be compulsory!”

Lindsey, whose mother received support from a hospice near her home in Warwickshire, is passionate about the care which St Clare and other hospices provide. Lindsey said: “St Clare is like a beacon of light. There is nothing like the care which St Clare gives. I think especially for the young people I know who have been helped by St Clare, it has been essential for the whole family. They don’t just support the person who is ill; they are there for their loved ones as well.”

“When my mum was unwell my dad was her main carer, and I know he found the hospice’s telephone advice line hugely important. Sometimes he just needed to have the reassurance of a clinical professional saying, ‘yes, you’re doing the right thing.’ You have no idea how much that helps. Things like St Clare’s 24 hour advice line are just so important. Also, the fact that St Clare visits people in their own homes, as well as caring for them in the hospice, means there really is the best of both worlds. It’s amazing.”

Tickets for the Midnight Walk are now on sale and ticket prices are £20 per adult (16 years and above) and £10 for children (11-15 years).

To register for the Midnight Walk click here.

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