The Unspoken Conversation: Community Art Project – Harlow

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St Clare Hospice and Parndon Mill are inviting you to explore your understanding of death, dying and loss in their creative art workshops this July

Overview of The Unspoken Conversation project

St Clare Hospice are working in partnership with Parndon Mill to host a series of free art workshops (Saturday 7th July – Sunday 18th August 2024) designed to explore the personal and cultural responses to death, dying and bereavement within ethnically diverse communities in West Essex and East Hertfordshire.

Taking place at Parndon Mill, in their Project Space and Artists’ Studio, the workshops will focus on using a variety of mediums including: poetry, embroidery, glasswork, papier-mâché, print, recipe book writing & more.

All of the artwork created will be then showcased in an exhibition at Parndon Mill Gallery (Sunday 13th October – Wednesday 20th November) in our hope of continuing conversations around death, dying and bereavement.

I want to take part in the workshops


Why is St Clare Hospice running this community art project?

Our catchment area of West Essex and the borders of East Herts is richly diverse with people from many different faiths and ethnicities, particularly in Harlow, where the project will be based.  However, like so many hospices, we know that there are significant cultural and language barriers that prevent many people from ethnic minority groups from accessing our services, care and support.

Chloe Rich, Patient and Family Support Services Project Manager, is leading on the project for St Clare Hospice: “This project is an invaluable opportunity for us to strengthen existing and develop new relationships with minority ethnic groups whilst also enabling many more people to open up and publicly share, (and exhibit!) their own thoughts and feelings about death, dying and loss in new and creative ways.”

This project has been kindly funded by Hospice UK‘s Dying Matters Community Grants Programme.


What sessions can I get involved in?

Workshop A – Sumithra Alkegamage – Sunday 7th July (10am – 4pm) – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

A photo of some decorated glass bell vases. Decorated with beautiful mountainscapes.

Sumithra’s workshop will guide you through creating a piece of art using transparent glass vase as a memorial for a loved one you dearly miss. By lighting up a scented candle to place inside the finished piece of art, the keepsake vase is designed to illuminate your deepest connection to another dimension that humans do not have physical access to.


Workshop B – Jon Lewis and Ewa Warzyniak – Location: Parndon Mill Artists Studio

A photo of the finished glasswork piece with a piece of flora inside. The glass is decorated with yellow and green colours.

In this workshop, you will forage around the local surroundings of Parndon Mill to gather a small piece of flora to act as the centre piece of your molten glass artwork. Once you’ve collected your plant sample, you’ll be guided through the process of moulding and decorating your molten glass masterpiece.

Workshop dates:

  • Sunday 7th July – 10am – 12.30pm or 1.30pm – 4pm
  • Saturday 27th July – 10am – 12.30pm or 1.30pm – 4pm

Workshop C – Georgia Hardcastle – Saturday 13th July (10am – 12.30pm) – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

A photo of Georgia Hardcastle's workshop taking place.

This half-day creative writing workshop will guide you through creating handwritten multimedia eulogies, in the form of multimedia collage work, inspired by those you wish to remember. The session will encourage discussions around closure and will allow you to pay tribute to those you love through celebratory memory.


Workshop D – Liz Loveless – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

A photo of a print work art piece with red leaves, blue leaves and white flora prints.

Liz’s informal workshop experiments with ‘kitchen studio’ print techniques using reclaimed packaging as part of the creative process. To create your print artwork you will begin the session foraging for leaves and grasses to visually inspire your artwork. You’ll then use your leaves and flora to create both individual prints and a collaborative piece.

Workshop dates:

  • Saturday 13th July (1.30pm – 4pm)
  • Saturday 27th July (1.30pm – 4pm)

Workshop E – Stephen Gatonye – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

A photo of Stephen Gatonye. He smiles at the camera.

This workshop draws inspiration from the transformative lifecycle of a butterfly, where death is recognised as a nature stage in the cycle of life. Through the process of sculpting with papier-mâché, you will reflect on the symbolic significance of this medium, recognising that what may seem castoff can live again.

Workshop dates:

  • Sunday 21st July – 10am – 12.30pm or 1.30pm – 4pm
  • Sunday 4th August – 10am – 12.30pm or 1.30pm – 4pm


Workshop F – Harry Watson – Saturday 27th July (10am – 12.30pm) – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

Designer, artist and vintage cloth enthusiast Harry will guide you through a workshop exploring the power of mending and stitching clothes. During the session, you’ll use Speed Weaves, and embroidery as you have conversations about the significance of repairing both physically and emotionally.

Participants are encouraged to express their emotions and reflections through their needlework, be it patching up a beloved garment or creating intricate patterns. Each stitch helps us heal and be creative.

*Please note, Harry is also offering to mend larger items on request.

Workshop G – Suman Gujral – Sunday 4th August (1.30pm – 4pm) – Location: Parndon Mill Artists’ Studio

A photo of some embroidery that reads 'Mum'.

Join Suman in an embroidery workshop where you will get the chance to think about grief, resilience, love, and the cycle of life. The workshop will begin with Suman reading a few poems about grief and the cycle of life. You’ll then explore embroidering onto hankies – a universal symbol of grief – and may wish to sew a motif in remembrance of a loved one.


Workshop H – Corrina Dunlea and Laura Bracey-Curry – Saturday 10th August (10am – 4pm) – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

A photo of some drawings included within a recipe book. It features cakes, hotpot, drinks and a salad.

In this workshop focused on family, everyday meals and gathering, you’ll explore your memories of smell, tastes, traditions, and favourite recipes. Artists Corrina and Laura will help spark conversations about the ingredients that play important roles in your lives in this relaxed session designed to reflect on legacy. You’ll spend the session transferring your ideas to paper to help create your own recipe book to use and share with others.


Workshop I – Jordan Cook – Sunday 18th August (10am – 4pm) – Location: Parndon Mill Project Space

A photo of two people using charcoal to sketch and draw.

Jordan, artist and art educator, will steer you through a full-day life drawing workshop. The session will begin with a morning workshop guiding you through the fundamentals of drawing. Following lunch, you’ll then dive into an afternoon of creative experimentation inspired by a selected poem.


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Frequently Asked Questions: The Unspoken Conversation Art Workshops

Do I need to have artistic flair or experience to join in any of the workshops?

No. The workshops are open to all, regardless of experience with the mediums for each workshop.

Do I need to bring my own food to the workshop(s)?

Light refreshments (cheese, crackers, houmous, fruit alongside hot and cold drinks) will be provided between 12.30pm – 1.30pm. Please feel free to bring any other lunch if you wish.

Where can I park at Parndon Mill Gallery?

There is free parking available onsite for visitors. Please note, there are no designated disabled spaces. For more information, please contact Parndon Mill.

How do I get to Parndon Mill Gallery?

Parndon Mill is situated at the North West Corner of Harlow, on the River Stort. You can find the gallery by visiting: The Gallery, Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex. CM20 2HP.

From Harlow Town Centre

Travel north towards Harlow Town Station. At the station roundabout turn left along Elizabeth Way towards The Pinnacles then take the 3rd small turning on right (between Rugby Club and Adams Motors.)

From the M11
Drive north on the A414 for approximately 2 miles. At the Gates Garage roundabout turn left along Edinburgh Way to Harlow Town station roundabout – straight over on to Elizabeth Way – then take 3rd small turning on right (between Rugby Club and Adams Motors.)

From the A10
Turn east along the A414 when approaching Harlow. Turn right at roundabout (Eastwick Lodge Farm) then right a the next roundabout (Harlow Town Station) before taking the 3rd small turning on the right off Elizabeth Way (between Rugby Club and Adams Motors.)

Train timetables:

Is this venue accessible? 

For more information, please visit the Parndon Mill website. 

St Clare Hospice Patient and Family Support Services Project Manager Chloe Rich.For more information on The Unspoken Conversation project, please get in touch with Chloe Rich (Patient and Family Support Services Project Manager) by calling 01279 773762 or emailing